Installing a new lawn is a lot of work. This is why a lot of people start by looking for TruGreen reviews in an effort to find a professional company to do it for them. Companies like True Green are highly professionals when it comes to lawns and in terms of their customer service, which is shown in their many reviews. Once the lawn is installed, however, you may wonder what you are supposed to do now. Of course, you have the option of also signing up to a lawn care service. However, you may also decide to do things yourself. New lawns need specialized care, however, so what do you have to prepare yourself for?

Watering the Lawn

First of all, you have to make sure the soil and sods remain moist at all time while the lawn establishes itself. It should never be allowed to get dry, particularly during the warmer summer months. Exactly how often you have to water varies tremendously, however, and depends on the type of grass, your climate, the soil conditions, and even the hardness of the water. As such, you may have to water it anything from several times each day to just once or twice a week. For your specific lawn needs you can learn the best time to water grass in this article.

Fertilizing the Lawn

Generally speaking, new lawns need a lot of fertilizer. This gives them the nutrients they need to be able to concentrate on growing. Make sure that you use organic fertilizers only, however. It is best to fertilize your soil several weeks before you seed it, in fact, so that the nutrients can fully decompose. Once installed, you may then need to wait anything from between three and six months before you fertilize it again, and you should only use half of the fertilizer you would use on an established lawn.

Mowing the Lawn

You should not mow your lawn at all while it establishes itself. If you use sods, wait between three and six weeks, therefore. Once that time has passed, you need to just trim it, making sure you leave leaf materials in place. This will leave your lawn looking denser and it will have a stronger root system. This, in turn, means that weeds will struggle to get through. Do leave your cuttings on the ground, as they form a fantastic fertilizer.

As you can see, looking after a new lawn is precision work. Hence, getting a professional lawn service in place is generally the best option. To find this lawn service, check out what other people have said about the different companies that are out there. Comment on and reply to reviews to really have all your questions answered. And if you find this review particularly helpful, then make sure you let people know about that as well. Doing so will ensure that other people will find it easier to find a service once they require one. Don’t forget, as well, to let people know what your experiences have been once you have hired a service and your lawn looks beautiful and lush.

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