For people who rely on medical cannabis for their health and wellbeing, Los Angeles is one of the best places to live.  Marijuana delivery in Los Angeles is widely available to people who have valid medical marijuana cards.  Almost everyone in Los Angeles can confidently say, “There is medical marijuana delivery near me.”

California’s laws involving cannabis use and possession are still quite strict, though.  California might not be as intolerant of cannabis use as other states, but it is a long way from turning into a statewide Pink Floyd planetarium show.  Here are some of California’s most important laws related to cannabis:

Cannabis Possession can Still be Illegal in California

California has decriminalized marijuana, but possession of cannabis products can still be a misdemeanor if you don’t have a medical marijuana card. Decriminalization just means that you can’t be charged with a crime if you are caught once with cannabis.  If you are caught more than once, it is still a crime.  The penalty depends on the amount of cannabis in your possession.  Unless you are a licensed dispensary, it is illegal to sell cannabis in California.

What if You Have a Medical Marijuana Card?

If you have a medical marijuana card, it is legal for you to possess and consume a certain amount of cannabis, but you may not sell it. Getting a marijuana card requires a physician’s recommendation, with a diagnosis of one of the qualifying conditions recognized in California.  The qualifying conditions include anxiety and many types of cancer.  People with medical marijuana cards can consume cannabis by smoking it or in the form of edibles.

If you need cannabis to help you manage a chronic medical condition, do not hesitate to apply for a medical marijuana card.  You can still be arrested for cannabis possession if you do not have the card.

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