What makes a hotel to stand out? Let alone be rated among the best? On a national scale this is a huge feat but when you get on the global platform it becomes nearly impossible. However, that being said we are still going to attempt it! Maybe that’s why we enjoy reading celebrity news on the phone during that morning commute. Everyone has different tastes. In spite of these individual tastes it is easy to find communally acceptable standards. These standards may be used as guidelines but nothing more. Because of the sheer size of the task we are just going to share pointers. If used wisely your decision on the next hotel you stay at will be a better one.

Customer Service – A hotel that gives bad customer service when you are making enquires will give the same treatment in person. Good customer service is a way of life. It cannot be easily turned on and off.

Rates – A hotel has to offer value for money. It would be careless to rate the most expensive hotel in a location as the best. Relative to casinos in the area, the amount demanded by a hotel must be justified. The services, attractions and standards are the principle things that determine whether a hotel is priced fairly or not.

Promotions and Specials – All the hotels that are considered as the best have promotions they run for their regular visitors. Some also host events such as fashion shows and competitions. In addition, these promotions may include free stays, a dedicated concierge on the house or real money discounts on bookings.

The final thing you need to do is to see the reviews the hotel gets from previous residents.  These are easily accessible online. Hotels with a good record offer clients a platform to provide feedback on their experience at the hotel. There are also several affiliate sites that review hotels online and the best among these sites usually give unbiased reports.

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