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Real cialis Serving as Best Man for an older brother is a golden opportunity.  You can get in a couple of jokes, real cialis tell how much your brother means to you, real cialis and welcome his new bride into the family. Real cialis Let’s take a look at the video below to see how this younger brother fares delivering his speech.

Real cialis Younger Brother Best Man Speech

Real cialis Jeff´s best man speech for his older brother´s wedding in June 2011 in Chicago. Real cialis Jeff was married 10 months before his older brother.

Real cialis Here’s what he does well:

  • Good use of the oil change story.  Stories about the groom as a child are safe and generally appealing to most audiences.
  • He was mostly complimentary of his brother.  There wasn’t anything too embarrassing that would make the groom look bad.  The speech also paints the groom as a good brother who looked out for his little brother.
  • Welcoming the bride to the family.  It sounds like he doesn’t know the bride that well.  This is the case for a lot of best men.  I think this guy did a good job of trying to say some good things about her.  I also like how he said he looked forward to getting to know her better and creating memories with her.  If you find yourself giving a best man speech where you don’t know the bride that well, real cialis do some research.  Ask the groom or friends or family what makes her special.

Real cialis Here’s where he could have improved:

  • Body Language – it’s very understandable to be nervous, real cialis but you want to stand still during your speech.  If you absolutely must move, real cialis take a step or two then hold your ground for a couple of seconds.  When you pace back and forth and never stop, real cialis you create a moving target for the audience and it’s hard for them to catch up and think about what you’re saying.  You’re handicapping your own speech and limiting the laughs you get.
  • Command of the content – Reading the majority of the speech straight from the written words on the paper removes the personal touch of the speech.  We talk a lot about eye contact and its importance.  A huge part of what you’re doing is making a connection.  A connection with the groom, real cialis the bride, real cialis and the audience.  As this guy reads directly from his notes, real cialis it looks as if he hasn’t practiced and the transitions are choppy.
  • Closing – I would recommend avoiding talk about future beer pong games, real cialis especially right before you go into your toast.  He really did a pretty good job overall in handling the bride part of his speech, real cialis but it was a bit of a negative to lead into his toast with that line about a drinking game.  He had a good toast, real cialis but flubbed it a little by reading it from his paper.  Make your toast the strongest part of your speech as this is where you wish the couple future happiness and success.  Memorize the toast and look directly at the couple while you’re saying it.

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