Many people are interested in quitting smoking but don’t want to give up the experience entirely. One possible option is to switch from smoking to vaping. Vaping provides many benefits when compared to smoking and you can make the transition from smoking to quitting nicotine much easier. There are many reasons why people are choosing to make the switch. Here are just a few everyone should consider.

1. Avoid the Stink

Smoking has a strong flavour and can be distasteful to many people. It’s getting harder to find places to smoke where people won’t complain. However, vaping makes a huge difference. There are many vaporizers available and most have a low or minimal smell involved. Also, since many people vape flavoured products, it may even produce an aroma that’s more attractive to surrounding people.

2. No More Yellow Teeth

If you’re tired of having to use whitening products without much success, then you may realise that smoking is to blame. Smoking yellows teeth and creates stains that are difficult to remove. However, vaping doesn’t stain teeth, meaning you can go about your normal day without having to worry about your smile. This is a great side-effect, especially for anyone who is self-conscious about their oral health.

3. Avoid Cigarette Breaks

Many people who smoke find that this habit has a negative effect on their daily life. There may have been times when you had to leave work or another event and had to step outside to smoke. Whether you’re tired of having to duck out or just want your life to be more convenient, vaping is much easier to do discretely and can usually be done indoors.

4. Get Some of your Taste Back

Unfortunately, smoking can dull your sense of taste. If you’ve been smoking for a few years, you’ve probably lost some of this sense without even realising it. However, within a week or two of making the switch to vaping, you’ll notice a change. Smoking can kill the cells on taste buds, but they will regenerate when you go smoke-free. Vaping also comes in a variety of vape liquid flavours that you can better enjoy. Since vaping is a combustion-free method of taking your favourite herbs, it won’t cause damage.

5. Economical Option

Although many people don’t realise the cost of smoking, it does come with a high price tag. You may see that vaping devices have a moderately high initial cost. However, they are a one-time purchase and will last you for a while. Smoking cigarettes is a constant cost, even if you’re only an occasional smoker. Not to mention that vaping products are not taxed heavily like tobacco products. For a more economical option over time, consider making the switch to vaping. You’ll notice a difference in your wallet.

6. Variety of Flavours

It’s an old adage that variety is the spice of life and with good reason. Although you can find cigarettes in different flavours, they all tend to be fairly similar. However, you can choose the flavour that you want on a daily basis with vaping. Visiting a vaping shop can be an eye-opening experience. You’ll see a wide range of flavours easily available. Some people will even make their own blends, which is also a possibility. If you want to enjoy some variety, then you’ll want to switch to vaping.

7. Improve Lung Function

Smoking can cause damage to your lungs, especially over time. Many people notice that they develop a chronic cough or just have difficulty catching their breath when they smoke. Switching to vaping will help to clear your lungs. Since smoking involves inhaling a hot substance, your lungs will have been damaged. However, vaping doesn’t cause tar to enter your lungs. Although you may initially notice some increased coughing when you make the switch, this is a normal process. Vaping will help you get through the symptoms and you’ll start breathing easier over time.

8. Fewer Chemicals

Many people try to live more naturally. Limiting and avoiding excess chemical intake is a priority for many people. However, cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals which can’t be avoided. Good e-liquid will use safe ingredients like vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, safe natural and artificial flavouring, and just a few other ingredients. These are all ingredients that can be found in the food that we eat daily. If you want to limit your consumption of potentially harmful chemicals, then vaping is the more natural choice. You’ll notice different varieties of e-liquids and you’ll be able to choose the ones that you prefer. Read through the ingredient list to keep yourself on goal.

9. Better for your Skin Health

Unfortunately, smoking can have an ageing effect. The ingredients in cigarette smoke can dry out your skin and cause more wrinkles. Even with great anti-aging products, you’ll often notice that you start to develop fine lines when you’re smoking. However, with vaping, you don’t experience the same effects. People who vape don’t inhale the tar or other ingredients that can lead to premature ageing. Instead, you’ll notice that making the switch from smoking to vaping will improve your skin tone. If you’ve struggled with healthy skin, consider making the change to see the benefits within the first few weeks and months.

10. Hair Health as Well

Your hair is probably a priority in your life but it’s hard to have clean and soft hair when you smoke. Even with care, cigarette smoke can get into your hair and stick around. It’s almost impossible to get rid of the smell when you smoke. If you’re tired of smelling like smoke, consider making the switch to vaping. You’ll notice that you don’t have the same problems as vaping smoke dissipates quickly. It also doesn’t stick to your hair, making it easy to vape quickly without anyone else knowing. This is a great tip when you want hair that feels lovely again.

11. Join a Community

I don’t know too many smokers who sit around and talk with their friends about the different flavours they just discovered. But once you start vaping, you’ll realise that there is a huge community out there of vapers who love to share some tips on how to buy the best mods, find the best flavours and suppliers on the market, tricks on how to improve your vaping experience, and much more. Whether it’s on YouTube, Facebook or forums dedicated to vaping, you’ll find tons of like-minded people who just like vaping and sharing their discoveries, ideas and knowledge.

12. There’s Always Something New

The vaping business is big and growing every day, and this fosters innovation at all levels. Whether it’s new flavours, new devices that redefine vaping itself, or brand-new mods with crazy features, there is always something new on the scene. And devices are constantly getting more and more sophisticated, which shows great promise for the future.


If you are still not sure if it is the time to make the jump, we hope we were able to make your decision easier.

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