Now that you’ve decided to sell your home and move to a different place, it’s time to talk with some of the local real estate agencies and determine who will represent you. As you consider the merits of different Realtors, it pays to think about what you consider important. Here are a few of the qualities that must be present before you sign any type of contract.

Someone You Can Communicate With Easily

There is no way to tell in advance if the house will sell quickly or if it will be on the market for several months. During that time, the ability to communicate with the real estate professional is crucial. Someone who can talk with you about what it will take to sell your home and is willing to listen to whatever ideas you have will prove invaluable. If there does not seem to be the rapport and ease of communication that you think should be present, keep searching for the right professional.

A Reputation for Honesty

When you choose a realtor, it’s important to sign up with someone you can trust. A real estate professional who is known to look out for the best interests of the client while also being up front about what the property does and does not offer is important. This type of person will let you know if the market would support a higher asking price or if you need to have a little repair work done before the first open house. You’ll also be kept up to date on the status of any offers and have access to advice about whether to accept a pending offer or wait for something a little better.

An Excellent Track Record

Your choice of a real estate professional may be honest and have a winning personality, but that won’t do a lot of good if the person doesn’t seem to be able to sell a house. You do need someone who has a proven track record of promoting properties, aggressively pursuing leads, and closing sales. Always ask about the success rate the individual brings to the table before you agree to any type of contract. Look over the particulars, including how long those properties were on the market. What you see will make it easier to decide if you’ve found the right Realtor or if you need to keep looking.

Even if you’ve sold a home before, the market is constantly changing. What worked fine a few years ago may not provide the results you want today. Instead of assuming all real estate professionals are the same or that you could manage to promote and sell the property on your own, find someone who has the right combination of qualities and arrange for that person to represent you. In the long run, the process of selling the home will be simpler, more organized, and more likely to be completed sooner rather than later.

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