Worried about what to wear on your first date? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Lots of guys struggle with how they should dress on their first date, with good reason, too.

The honest truth is that it absolutely matters what you wear. The first thing a woman notices about you, especially in a first date scenario, is your clothes.

A guy who knows how to dress to impress will have a much easier time hitting it off than someone wearing flip-flops and a hoodie.

Below are 4 fashion tips you’ll want to know as a guy going on a first date.

1. Jeans Never Fail

Unfortunately, bottoms such as cargo shorts and khakis don’t exactly spell “sexy” to women.

Jeans, on the other hand, are rugged, stylish, and perfect for a casual, yet classy look. They are acceptable in just about every situation, except when taking a lady out to an extraordinarily fancy restaurant.

If that’s the case, you might want to rethink your first date decision, unless flaunting your money is what you’ve got going for you. Otherwise, don’t sweat wearing jeans. They’re actually your best bet for coming off as sexually appealing without trying too hard.

2. It’s All in the Details

The first date is your chance to show your woman that you’re not just some other guy off the streets. As such, paying attention to the details, but acting casually about it, will really impress the gal.

Accessories are super important here, so listen up.

Try wearing a white v-neck underneath whatever outfit you choose. Then, match that up with a nice silver or gold necklace, whichever suits your look best.

Finally, don’t forget about the watch. The internet has plenty of affordable yet stylish black watches for men. Do yourself a favor and pick one up. It will go with almost any outfit you wear, and it will go a long way to electrify your date.

3. Add Some Color

All boring and no play is a bad way to come across on your first date.

Lots of men like to opt for the all black or monochrome look, thinking it’s more masculine and exotic. Sadly, men who do that probably won’t make it past round one.

Instead, match your jeans with a shirt that adds a little bit of color. Nothing too eye-popping or crazy like fluorescent, but something with a hint of color that shows you’ve got style.

The more you can match your outfit the better. There are obviously some colors that fit better with others, so it’s wise to do some homework ahead of time and find something that works.

4. Be Original

Last but not least, however you choose to dress on your first date, do your best to be original. Even if you follow all of the other style tips in this article, you don’t want to look like every other Joe Shmoe in the dating world.

Instead of wearing a basic striped dress-shirt, for example, opt for a nice polo (with some color) and cover it up with a fancy sport jacket.

Lots of women don’t expect the sport jacket on the first date, but it’s the perfect mix of casual and classy for almost any venue.

Summing Things Up

There are lots of reasons to be nervous on a first date, but how you dress doesn’t have to be one of them. Follow the style tips above and set yourself apart from the other guys in the dating world.

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