If you find decorating your home a therapeutic, rewarding experience, it’s well worth continuing reading in order to discover 4 new home decor tips from Gary Friedman┬áthat are well worth trying out next weekend. As you may be surprised at how making a few changes to your home’s decor may change the whole look and vibe of your home.

4 Home decor tips for any home:

  1. Don’t be afraid to mix a variety of prints into your home’s decor

Contrary to popular belief, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with featuring patterns and prints, which don’t match in your interior design plans. As an example, if you’re not afraid of bold, eye-catching prints, you may want to arrange two polka dot throw cushions and two floral print throw cushions on your sofa.

Or alternatively, you may want to dress up your guest bedroom with a paisley print duet cover and houndstooth print pillows. Simply choose two prints which you believe will look great together!

  1. Try incorporating multiple textures into your home’s decor

It’s also well worth incorporating multiple textures into your home’s decor so that your home will look like a professionally designed show home which would feature on the cover of an interior design magazine. As fun examples, you may want to feature marble countertops and solid wood flooring in your kitchen or to feature a velvet sofa and a leather chaise in your home’s lounge.

If you’re keen on featuring multiple textures into a child’s room, you may want to purchase a child-friendly shaggy rug and a few faux fur cushions to place on your child’s bed. If you are the proud parent of a little girl or a teen girl who loves sparkles, you may want to decorate her bed’s headboard with a fun, sparkly material.

  1. Consider turning a plain wall into a handy blackboard wall

If you’re interested in the idea of turning a plain, underutilized wall into a handy blackboard wall, which you’ll be able to use to write household notices and messages on, simply purchase a blackboard specific paint from your nearest hardware store. Which will turn your plain wall into a blackboard wall, within a couple of hours.

You may even be interested in turning one of your kitchen’s walls into a blackboard wall so that you’ll be able to draw up a daily menu, of what your household can expect to be served for dinner. Alternatively, you may want to consider painting an old mirror with blackboard paint in order to create a mini, decorative blackboard.

  1. Improve your mood by purchasing furniture in bright, bold colors

One way to instantly boost your mood is to spend time in a room which boasts bright, vibrant, bold colors. So it’s well worth purchasing a bright yellow chaise or a bright magenta ottoman to give your lounge or bedroom a new lease on life!

So if you find interior decorating a relaxing experience and have been searching for a few brand new interior decorating ideas to try out it’s definitely worth trying out one of the ideas listed above next weekend.

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