For the most part, you take good care of your teeth. Brushing after every meal is something you’ve been doing for years. Flossing is also something that you do several times a week. Isn’t that enough to ensure your teeth are healthy?

As much as you should be applauded for brushing and flossing regularly, there’s still the need to see a dentist now and then. Even if nothing seems to be wrong, there’s quite a bit that those Maple Ridge Dentists can do for you. Here are some reasons why a call today could be good for you tomorrow.

The Last Checkup Was a Long Time Ago

Think back to the last time you had a complete dental checkup. Was it really that long ago? The fact is that many people forget to make an annual appointment and the need to do so gets lost among all the other things that command your attention. At some point, the lack of a checkup will catch up with you.

See an annual checkup as the best way to find out if everything is fine. In most cases, that’s the outcome. In the event there is some issue, taking care of it now means you have a better chance of keeping the tooth for more years.

You’re Long Overdue for a Cleaning

Even with the best of home dental hygiene habits, there will be some residue left behind. Often, it collects around the gum line or in between the teeth. If left there, the residue can damage the enamel and pave the way for tooth decay. That’s something you want to avoid.

At least one yearly visit for a dental hygienist cleaning is a must. Even though it seems inconvenient, the fresh sensation that lingers for hours after a cleaning is worth it. Best of all, you get rid of residue that could damage your teeth.

There’s a Pain That Comes and Goes

You have experienced some minor discomfort, but it never lasts long. Maybe it happens after you drink something that’s cold or hot. It may be some sensitivity after brushing or flossing. It may happen when you’re chewing. In any case, it seems to come up and then go away so quickly that you forget all about it.

Take that as a sign that something needs attention. The resolution may be a quick and easy one. It could also mean having some work done that ultimately keeps your teeth in better condition. If you don’t deal with it now, that pain may begin to show up more often and remain for longer periods of time.

Some Whitening Treatments Would Help Too

All sorts of things can stain teeth. This is true even when you brush and floss regularly. Over time, the staining dulls the teeth, leaving you with a smile that’s not that great.

Whitening treatments can be the solution. Under the care of a dental professional, you can ensure they are done without damaging the teeth. When you see the results, you’ll know the trip was worth it.

If it’s been some time since you saw a dentist, change that today. Call and schedule a complete dental checkup. Once you get back into the habit, seeing the dentist at least a couple of times a year won’t seem so difficult.

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