Going to a movie is a great idea for a date night with the girl you’ve been seeing. It’s fun, harmless and doesn’t require you to do a lot of talking. Save the getting to know each other better portion for after the flick.

After you’ve secured the date, the last situation you need is blowing it right from the start. It’s a good idea to learn what you should know and do to make sure it’s a memorable evening. Put time and effort into your plans and the night will go a lot smoother. Be glad you have a date and won’t be going to another movie alone.

Pick the Right Movie

It’s all about what movie you pick that will set the tone for the date. Read reviews and blogs to get a feel for what the critics and audiences like. Have a good idea of what type of films she’s into and will enjoy watching. This probably isn’t the time to go see a super gory movie and freak her out. Ask your new girlfriend if she has any input, otherwise pick a safe movie that’s entertaining, and you know won’t scare her off.

Arrive Early

Know what time the movie starts and then let your date know when you’ll be picking her up so she’s ready. Leave enough of a buffer in between picking her up and getting to the movie. If you’re late, then that could mess up the entire evening. This is one circumstance when you want to be prompt and not cut it too close. It’s even a good idea to purchase the tickets in advance so you can just walk in when you arrive at the theatre.

Be Smooth

Be relaxed so you’re not goofy and stumbling over your words. Review the list of cute names to call your girlfriend at and pick a few you find are appropriate for your date and relationship. She’ll likely be flattered and find that you’re a smooth guy. Remember to also get the car door for her and buy any snacks at the movies that she wants. Always act like a gentleman and you won’t have anything to worry about.

Offer to Take her to Dinner After

Continue the night by offering to take her to dinner afterwards. This is especially a good idea if the date is going well so far and you want to spend more time with her. Have a restaurant in mind ahead of time, so you don’t draw a blank on where to go. Bring enough money along to cover the movies and your dinner date. If she agrees to dinner then use it as an opportunity to strike up an engaging conversation and get to know her better.


Going out on a movie date is more complicated than it sounds at first. Follow these tips and you’ll be in good hands. Stay relaxed and focused on her if you truly want to impress the woman you’re with and grow your relationship.

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