The distance between a job and a dream job can often seem gaping. That’s probably why, according to a Gallup Poll taken late last year, 85 percent of American’s hate their jobs. Whether you grew up wanting to be a rock star, a lawyer, a doctor or a journalist, chances are what you are doing at the minute isn’t what you dreamed you would be doing as a kid.

So, how can you go about changing that? How do you land that dream job you’ve all but given up on? If the normal processes haven’t worked for you, then why not try these four unconventional ways to land your dream job?

Connect with people who have your dream job already

You might be insanely jealous of that friend-of-a-friend who works on Wall Street, but they could be your best ticket in if you’ve always dreamed of working in finance. Build connections with them, let them know just how much you are interested in their industry, help them out when they need it. By networking, you’re giving yourself the chance of jumping the queue and who knows, when an opening becomes available at their business, you might have just shown to them enough passion and knowledge about the industry to put you in serious contention for the role.

Don’t rely too much on a resume

Having a good resume is great, but it isn’t really tangible evidence of what you are capable of. It is simply telling someone what you can do – what will really impress them is if you can show them what you can do. Take a look at the Job Descriptions of your dream job and, having worked out what the requirements are and the skills that a business will be looking for, build a portfolio of your work. If they want someone with impeccable social media skills, show them how you took your own blog from 100 Twitter followers to 10,000. You can add this portfolio to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, which allows those already working in your dream industry to find you.

Don’t worry too much about money

There are a couple of reasons you shouldn’t let money come into the thinking when it comes to your dream job. Take an unpaid internship for example. Working unpaid for a company allows you to develop your skills, get a foot in the door and you’ll be demonstrating just how much it means to you to work for free. Secondly, think about your salary. If a company can hire you on $10,000 a year less than another candidate, who do you think they are going to pick? The satisfaction you’ll get out of working in your dream career will far outweigh any financial incentive.

Get the skills you need to succeed

You are much more likely to get your dream job if you have the skills necessarily for it. While a college degree in the field of your dream job is a big help, the internet has made it relatively simple to pick up skills and qualifications with online short courses readily available in practically anything. By going out of your way to get trained up off your own back, you are demonstrating to potential employees a real desire and passion for the role which can also go a long way.

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