For auto dealerships, the potential of the internet has increased dramatically in recent years. Those who offer their customers the latest in online marketing services have achieved an enormous boost in leads, yielding increased sales and more satisfied customers. Now that recent web services have proved their worth as essential marketing and sales tools, auto dealers everywhere are preparing their websites for the latest digital sales developments as well.

If you’re interested in increasing your dealership’s online marketing potential, you may be curious about how to bring strategies from your current one-on-one car sales to work successfully online.

One of the most important parts of your in-house sales team is the ability to increase the value of sales by negotiating add-ons like accessories, insurance packages, and extended warranties. So what’s the best way to use your dealership website to promote add-ons and make a great deal even better?

1) Online Chat Software

Online chat software offers several benefits that make it a powerful tool for upselling automotive add-ons. Since cars are more complicated products than many of the small items regularly sold online, one-on-one live chat software helps you give customers more detail about vehicles and their features because it enables browsing customers to learn more about dealership inventory directly from a knowledgeable and informative sales representative.

Live chat lets costumers get immediate replies to their questions and provides operators with opportunities to direct them to deals tailored specifically to that customer’s budget and needs. In doing so, it also provides you with a great way to generate more informed leads for your sales team at the dealership.

2) Online Insurance Forms

It can be difficult to keep the attention of online customers. Unlike the people who come to your dealership, who have to decide to leave altogether to end negotiations, online shoppers can quickly click away. In fact, the majority of online shoppers tend to do their shopping at work, so they’re distracted already. By including insurance applications, that customers can fill out and submit right on the website, you can give yourself a better chance to hold their attention and to guarantee they’ll return close the sale.

3) Text+

Text+ works in a similar way to an online chat service but allows chat operators and members of your sales team to keep the conversation going via text messaging in between the customer’s visits to the internet or the dealership. This allows for negotiations to continue, so you can provide instant replies and discuss any changes to the sale.

4) Virtual Retailing

By offering a stunning combination of the three online services already mentioned, you can implement a complete marketing services package and prepare your website to bring digital sales to fruition. Before you can offer the full end-to-end buying experience, however, it’s vital that your website offers the latest digital auto retail service, including F & I capabilities.

Rather than regard the internet as a replacement for the dealership, car sellers who get the most out of their web presence see it as an extension of the services they already offer – enabling negotiations to continue on the internet, along with other services designed to provide an improved customer experience and increase your sales potential.

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