When you visit YouTube on your first glance, you might not see it as a website that you would want your kids spending a lot of their time on. Seeing children glued to their screens is enough to turn any parent off tablets or laptops for kids. However, you might not know of the world of educational, engaging and helpful YouTube channels that can complement your children’s schooling while still being a lot of fun! Prepare your kids for school with the right equipment and the right information – as even YouTube can help get your kids ready for school! Check out these five channels and share an interest in learning with your kids today.

1. The Backyard Scientist

Have all of your crazy questions answered about explosions and huge experiments with The Backyard Scientist. This channel does all of the dangerous and daring science experiments your kids have dreamt about so that you can learn about the procedure and outcome without having to risk anything yourself! From rocket powered fidget spinners to making swords with thermite, this channel will spark a deep curiosity and love for science in your kids. With tablets such as the new Microsoft Surface Go, your kids will appreciate the 9-hour battery life and lightweight build. Weighing in at just over 500g, this tablet can go with your kids from the backyard all the way to school, all while they conduct their own experiments!

2. MathAntics

MathAntics not only have kids in mind but parents and teachers as well! With a vision to help kids understand and enjoy mathematics and also to providing better tools and materials for teacher and parents, the MathAntics duo hope to engage kids in a range of functions. Focusing on key concepts through visually engaging videos, this channel also spans onto their websites with available worksheets and exercises to reinforce your kid’s lessons.

3. What Do We Do All Day?

With a general focus on all things fun and educational, this channel combines exciting science experiments, strategy games, math problems and an artistic flair to give your kids a fun and educational way to unwind over their weekends. With ideas and projects that they can do individually or even with the whole family, you’ll love the unleashed creativity and fun for your kids to enjoy.

4. Vi Hart

Mix mathematics and music together to make an immersive and fun learning experience for your kids with the YouTube channel, Vi Hart! By combining music and math, this channel lets kids explore challenging mathematic functions through memorable songs which make it a load of fun. For the best experience, laptops such as the HP Pavilion X360 is a convertible laptop which can fold to function as a tablet. Make your kid’s experience the best it can be with dual speakers remastered by B&O Play for a crystal clear audio delivery.


5. Flocabulary

Similarly to the previously mentioned channel, Flocabulary combines music and literacy to tackle some of the commonly misunderstood or challenging topics across the subject of literacy. With educational hip-hop beats and easy to remember lyrics, these videos can help as a supplementary tool for improved achievements and the development of core literacy skills.

Your kid’s time on a tablet or laptop doesn’t have to be wasted on games or apps that don’t aid their development. Tablets are a great way to give your child information and fun activities at their fingertips – no matter where they are! There is an array of applications, websites and programs that have been made with the sole purpose of academic growth in your kid’s while still being engaging. These YouTube channels are just a few among many hidden gems that will unlock your children’s creativity and curiosity like never before so get your kids together and take on a project as a family and see for yourself exactly what’s out there.

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