One of the best things you can do for yourself and your home is to invest in new windows. If you haven’t noticed, there are already several signs that a total window replacement is in order. Here are five of the more obvious reasons you need to take action now.

It’s Drafty Near the Windows

When you happen to be standing or sitting near a window, there is a definite flow of air. That would be fine if a sash was raised but the window is completely shut. Those drafts are causing a lot of problems, including making it more difficult to control the temperature indoors. By choosing to call a contractor and look into options for new Mississauga windows, you will be on the road to stopping those unwanted drafts.

It’s Time to Paint Again

The paint is chipping on the window frames and sills. As you look at the cracked paint, it seems as if you only painted the windows a year or two ago. Now you have to do it all over again. All that painting is beginning to be quite a chore.

If you choose to invest in new windows, it’s possible to go with a material that never needs painting. One of the perks of vinyl windows is that the color is fade resistant and will look great for decades. Think of how much time and money that would save in terms of having to paint the windows every couple of years.

The Utility Bills are Up

You’ve already checked and no rate increase has taken place. The heating and cooling unit has also been inspected and it’s running at peak efficiency. Since the insulation is still in great shape, that leaves only one issue: the aging windows.

It could be the type of glass in those older windows or it could be tiny cracks around the frames or between the sashes that is allowing more air into the home. In any event, you are spending more money to keep the temperature inside at the level you want. Install new windows and watch as the utility bills decrease.

The Windows Need a Lot of Work

It will take a lot of money to repair those older windows. In fact, the cost of windows replacement is barely more than the repair work. Since the repairs will only help for so long, why not go ahead and install new ones? You’ll save money in the long run.

You Hate the Style

You never liked those older windows anyway. Since they are causing problems, why not go with a different style and improve the look of the place? The new windows will make you happy and also increase the value of the home. That will come in handy when you decide to sell.

Talk with an expert about a complete residential window replacement today. The expense and the time will pay off in a big way in the years to come.

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