Making the decision of becoming a regular at the gym is something worth praising! Deciding to take matters into your own hands and do something good for your health and fitness should be applauded. However, having the determination, a good workout plan and a decent diet isn’t everything there is to it. Take a look at some gym no-no’s and how you need to behave in order to avoid looking dumb.

Go easy with the phone

Listening to your favorite tunes while exercising is one thing. Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook in the gym is something else. Don’t do that. No one can stop you, but it’s stupid. Wasting time on your phone in the gym is setting you back. Use it only for music or leave it in your locker.

Bringing your phone to the gym floor is an instant distraction. Firstly, when you’re not focused, you actually harm your own progress. Secondly, roaming around the gym with your phone surely grinds everyone else’s gears. You’re basically in everyone’s way. It’s so simple to realize how bad this practice is. Not only are you undercutting your own workout but you’re also making the others angry.

Proper clothes

Being dressed inappropriately is a sure way for the rest to think that you’re an idiot. Imagine seeing someone enter the gym in flip flops. Doing dead lifts in flip flops isn’t a good idea because not only are you risking a serious injury, but you also look like a cartoon character. Oh, and let’s not get started on those fashion maniacs that make shorts out of their jeans. That’s why you need to invest in proper gym clothes. And finding the right clothes isn’t hard. If you’re not up for store browsing, look online. It’s easy; start your search for top-notch mens gym clothes online and click away. Just remember to find a reliable online retailer with good reviews. Functionality and good looks is easy to achieve with good sportswear.

Do not come unprepared

Coming in for a workout unprepared means that you’ll have an inefficient workout. Plan out everything before you leave your home. First of all, pack your gym bag. Don’t forget the essentials such as a towel and fresh clothes. Of course, the crucial thing for every gym-goer is to have a good workout plan. You have to know what you’ll be doing in the gym each time you arrive there. For example, if you have three workouts a week, you need to know what exactly you’ll be doing each time. Is Monday a leg day? Or you’d rather work on your chest and arms? Don’t let these questions torment you in the gym. Nowadays, gyms are stacked with equipment and fancy machines so it’s easy to wander around aimlessly not knowing what to do next.

Cut the talk (especially when it comes to advising others)

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re working out and you see that one guy slowly approaching you and looking all smart and ready to speak his mind on how you’re not doing everything correctly? Well, don’t be that guy. Please! Having a chat with someone is okay. But, don’t go around and give unsolicited pieces of advice. If someone asks you about your opinion, you can speak it out loud. If not, keep quiet.

Of course, if you’re a fitness pro, you can afford to suggest a thing or two. On the other hand, if you are just a regular Joe, avoid lecturing someone because you’ll come off as an idiot. And no one likes sharing space with annoying people. People know that almost no one comes in lecturing with a bad intention but it’s still a major no-no.

Hygiene is a priority!

No one likes to work out on a sweaty machine. You wouldn’t like to feel someone else’s sweat too, right? Therefore, be considerate towards the others and bring a towel to wipe each machine after you’re done with it. Also, bringing fresh clothes and coming clean is something that should go without saying. Unfortunately, there are still those that forget this. Just remember, being clean and tidy, wiping everything after you’re done and showering afterwards is something that is considered to be usual gym etiquette. Don’t be the one who gets the looks. Keep everything clean and remember, you wouldn’t like it if someone else’s unkempt behavior influenced you and your workout.


Some would say that these tips are easy to follow and that people in general don’t break the ‘gym rules’. However, that is not the case. So, pay attention to how you impact your own gym progress and how you impact the others.

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