For most of us, having a wedding abroad seems like a pipedream. After all, with travel costs, venues, and all the other add-ons, it can be nerve-racking to even just think about.

However, with the right mindset on being frugal (as well as how to earn some extra income), you too can have a wedding overseas. Here’s how: 

Start An eCommerce Business

While I know you are probably thinking that you’ve never set up a website or shop before, it’s actually much simpler than you might imagine. In fact, this is something that can be done with little to no coding experience. All it takes is looking into starting an ecommerce business, as well as a little hard work.

To begin, start looking at the types of products you are knowledgeable about and feel like you could comfortably explain and sell. Try to make your inventory simple, as working with too many distributors at first could be overwhelming. Additionally, what you sell is largely going to define your brand, one of the most imperative elements of your shop. All-in-all, if this is a route you’re considering, then I highly recommend you perform some research and look at some popular examples. Because while this can be a great source of passive income in saving up for your wedding, it can also take quite a bit of maintenance to establish.

Online Deals Are Your Friend

In shopping around for your wedding, the amount of deals available online to save on your perfect day are astronomical. As the internet has allowed us to have access to so many different distributors directly, there are fewer intermediaries upcharging the price, allowing you to get the best rate. For example, the wedding dress company, Azazie offers custom bridesmaid dresses without the need for a seamstress, all for an affordable price. Companies like this are going to help you cut down on your costs tremendously, and this is something you should definitely take note of.

Pick A Destination And Set A Financial Goal

Even though a lot of us probably dream about a wedding in a place like Paris, very seldom do people actually go through the steps of seeing how much it will genuinely cost. And believe it or not, the numbers might surprise you (if you play your cards right). If this is something you’re really after, then knowing your expected costs and then setting your date further out is an excellent strategy to saving big. Talk with your partner about what locations you’re thinking about, as the sooner you get on this the better.

Cut Out The Frills

A lot of couples get carried away with spending too much on the little things, which can eat away at your budget in a heartbeat. While yes, having delicately printed custom illustrated invitations or extended gift packs are nice, they also can come with a hefty price tag. For example, according to The Knot, the average cost of a florist for a wedding comes out to around $2,543; and if you’re trying to be abroad, then relying on the natural beauty of a destination might be your better bet. All-in-all, it’s going to ultimately be up to you and your significant other what you consider the most imperative at your wedding, as well as what you can compromise on cutting out.

Look Into Your Extended Network

Believe it or not, you’d be surprised at what you could find for your wedding in the people you know. Whether it be an old farm passed down through a co-worker’s family or a beach house on a small island, utilizing the people you know for your wedding can be a great way to save. Because as noted by Value Penguin, the average cost of a venue comes in around $13,385, a pretty staggering figure when you factor in the other expenses. And considering that others know how expensive this could be, there’s nothing wrong with testing the waters with suggesting that you’re looking for a place to rent. 

Buy In Bulk Rates

Finally, one of the best ways to save on your ceremony is by making sure you maximize the cost of your purchases. For example, as Thumbtack notes, the average cost of a caterer comes to around $20-$100 per person, which can be on the lower end by doing buffet style. Strategies like this are not only excellent ways to save but additionally provide the ideal experience you and your significant other were looking for.


As so many of us have the dream of having our wedding abroad, what are some strategies you might implement to achieve this? Comment with your answers below.

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