Planning a bachelors’ party for the dearest friend is quite a big deal. If you want to make it special, needless to say, work is double. How does a destination party sound like? Interesting enough? To make it more pocket-friendly party book the cheap flight and you save quite a plenty without compromising even a bit of fun. But before that, you need to know where you want to take your dearest one for a bash before the d-day! Here are some options which you can look for while planning the party that is going to be one of the most special ones for your friend.


This tops the list for many obvious reasons. Amsterdam is one of the hottest destinations for organising a fun-filled bachelor party. With exciting sex shops, bars and exotic women, Amsterdam is a bachelor’s paradise. You can go nuts while planning the party because this city knows no limit.

New York City

Bachelor party in NYC, how does it sound? Already looking for what to do there? Well, New York is one of the most happening cities in the world and there are many iconic breweries and beautiful women to drool over. But New York is quite pricey so it is always better to make the booking beforehand to avoid last-minute surges. From Madison Square Garden to Brooklyn Brewery, NYC will make you all go crazy!

Las Vegas

With gambling, strippers, and booze, the Sin City aka Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for the most exciting bachelor party. The budget and choices are very flexible for Las Vegas. It is arguably the most popular bachelor party destination.


Asia’s naughtiest city can be your most memorable party destination. The city can party hard and offer the best Thai cuisine around random corners. If your friend is a lover of Asian girls, seafood, and blissful Thai massage, lock Bangkok and make it happen.


Want to keep it classy and simple with great food and lip-smacking wine? Paris is the destination you can surprise your friend with. If your friend is an art lover and not much of a party kind, Paris can be a peaceful party zone.

Rio de Janeiro

The most popular city in South America, Rio is the hub of exotic women sunbathing on the sandy beaches. Free flowing booze, the amazing sunset by the ocean can make the rush higher. Rio is one of the best cities to choose for the party. As added information, Rio’s scenic beauty is beyond imagination.


Call it a last-minute addition to the list; if your friend is a music lover take them to Austin. The Texas town has become a popular party zone. The city is also regarded as the Live Music Capital of the world. It has a beautiful culture of live bands and barbeque. The city keeps you awake for it intriguing vibrant culture. Don’t you dare miss the mouth-watering Tex-Mex sandwiches and delicious margaritas.

We have made your job even easier now, all you need to do is find the right place for your friend, pack your bag and take off. GO ahead for one of the most memorable days of your life.

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