When it comes to erectile dysfunction, understand that it is a medical complication and there are viable treatments available. Regrettably, there are a slew of misconceptions and ridiculous myths surrounding medical intervention for ED.

These misconceptions have become a pressing concern for men with acute and chronic ED symptoms. A majority have even started self-medication while most turn to testosterone therapy, which can dangerous in the long-term. In light of this, mentioned below are some of the most common myths we’ve shattered for you!

The Top 7 Myths about ED Medication Uncovered!

Myth #1 – All Medication for Erectile Dysfunction are Exactly the Same

For the most part, it is understandable why a majority of people think that is true. Well, that is because most people aren’t aware or have the right information of what it is exactly that ED medications do. Popular oral treatments such as Viagra and Cialis are categorized as PDE5 inhibitors.

The medications are designed to help lower your ED symptoms by significantly enhancing blood flow to your sexual organs. Sure, the purpose of each drug is basically the same, but it is the method that is a bit different.

For example, Cialis will take around two hours to reach its effectiveness while Viagra will only take one hour to do the same thing. If you have the habit of eating a full course meal before ingesting Viagra or Cialis – especially sugary foods and foods that have plenty of fat content – you will considerably reduce the effectiveness of the medication, which will lead to poor sexual performance.

 Myth# 2 – If ED Medications Do Nothing, You Are Officially Stuck with the Health Problem Forever

A majority of ED patients have expressed concerns that they haven’t been able to do anything about their symptoms even after taking Viagra of Cialis. And they fear that if these drugs don’t, nothing will. While this rarely happens, it is absolutely untrue that you don’t have any other option.

While oral medications in the form of pills are the most common or the first line of defense against ED, they aren’t the only treatment available. If pill don’t work at all, your physician may prescribe penile injections. The shots contain Alprostadil, a medication that basically functions the same way as Viagra does. However penile injections work faster than pills when it comes to dilating blood vessels and relaxing the muscles in the penis – all at the same time.

Apart from this, there is new research being performed and tested using sound waves – known as GainsWave. Experts have hailed this method of treatment as groundbreaking. It comprises of acoustic sounds waves to target muscle distress in the penis and lower erectile dysfunction symptoms.

 Myth# 3 – Testosterone Therapy has become a the Cure for Erectile Dysfunction

There are so many men that believe that believe the notion that if there is something physically wrong with them – which has led to ED, it essentially means that their bodies aren’t producing a normal amount of testosterone. And that if they use testosterone therapy, everything will be back to the way it was before.

A lot of men resort to testosterone treatment methods at the slightly symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which can lead to a slew of other health complications if you aren’t careful or if you don’t consult with your physician.

It is strongly recommended that you must first have your testosterone levels checked before doing anything else. That is because if your body does make an adequate amount of the essential hormone and you end up negligibly increase it – it will never do anything to counteract the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Instead, you will increase your susceptibility to developing symptoms associated with heart disease.

Testosterone isn’t a cure, so there is no need to mess with your hormones. Consult with your physician for oral medications such as Cialis. Get a cialis savings card and consume the prescribed amount of the medication for improved sexual performance.

Katie from civilizedhealth agreed “changing your bodies testosterone levels can also can result in unwanted side effects so if you do consider trying this route its definitely worth reading about it first.”

Myth# 4 – Cialis Will Cause a Cardiac Arrest

As long as you take Cialis under the supervision of your medical expert, the medication will never give rise to any type of side effects. Sure, ED medicines do have a potential of causing heart attacks, however that will only happen if you abuse the use.

As per studies, it was revealed that the men that experienced a heart attack after ingesting ED medications were already battling a slew of cardiovascular disorders and health complications. This is essentially why these types of medications aren’t prescribed to people with a weak heart or those that are heavy medications and blood thinners.

Men with pre-existing heart conditions are almost never prescribed cialis, until and unless their physicians deem it safe. But if you don’t have any cardiovascular issues then it’s highly likely you can use the medication without issue.  Talk to your doctor.  He or she will be able to give you the green-light, as well as let you know of any rx coupons or copay discounts like a cialis savings card.

Myth# 5 – Taking Cialis in Large Does can Lead to Enhanced Satisfaction

It is popularly believed that if you take Cialis or Viagra in unsupervised does, it will lead to a more powerful and equally gratifying sexual pleasure.  This is utter nonsense not to mention dangerous. Never take more than what your physician prescribes, which is 100-mgs every day; exceed this limit and you will most likely develop debilitating cardiovascular disorder such as hypertension or risk suffering a heart attack.

Myth# 6 – If you Achieve a Normal Erection, You Will Never Need to Rely on Cialis

It is a fact that there are men that do not have erectile complications. However, it is difficult to say that you will always be satisfied by the duration and quality of your erection during intercourse. It is important to understand that erectile dysfunction isn’t just caused by underlying physiological factors – but a majority of this health disorder has everything to do with your mind – there are plenty of psychological reasons why you may develop ED down the line.

Cialis is a powerful ED drug that can help you improve your sexual performance by improving your blood flow and help maintain your sexual desire and ability for more than 30 hours.

Myth# 7 – ED Medications Are for Those That Suffer from Acute Erectile Dysfunction

This assertion is false. Drugs like Viagra or Cialis aren’t merely meant for men suffering with pathological symptoms of ED. Along with helping men improve their sexual performance, these medications are also commonly prescribed for men that experience low libido or a complete inability to experience an erection when they’re tired, fatigued or if they’re emotionally stressed.

Bottom Line

You can take a sigh of relief now and opt for FDA approved ED treatments and medications like Cialis and Viagra for a strong and healthy sex life and an even stronger bond with your partner!

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