It would be great if you could choose one cell phone provider and stick with it for the rest of your life without any headaches, but that’s hardly the case. Companies merge, policies change, or sometimes your life changes, and all of a sudden, you need to find a new phone carrier.

There are some signs that show you might be getting close to that point. If your network signal is always faulty or the company’s customer service is inefficient, you should really consider moving on. Maybe you’d like a new phone, but your provider doesn’t offer it, or it’s just the end of the contract and it’s time to find a better deal.

There Are New Phones Available on the Market

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Every now and then a technology company unveils a new sexy and advanced mobile, and when you get excited about buying one, you realize it’s only being sold by a specific carrier — which is not yours. Most of the time your own provider will offer a device with similar specifications, but unfortunately, it’s not the same thing.

You Constantly Have a Weak Signal

Having a faulty network signal can sometimes be a nightmare. It might work fine at home, but at work, you cannot receive any calls (or vice versa). It could be that you’ve recently moved to a new place or the company is rationalizing the network, and certain cell towers were decommissioned. Either way, if it’s a persistent problem, you may need a new provider.

Customer Service Is Not up to Standard

Have you ever had to wait for a long time to talk to customer service, only for the line to suddenly drop? Or were treated with neglect by an operator? If that’s the case, you shouldn’t think twice about finding a new carrier. There are plenty of phone providers who’d love to have you as a customer and will treat you with respect.

Your Plan Is Not Suitable Anymore

Sometimes the contract you have at the moment doesn’t suit your needs anymore. For example, if you’re hooked on a new series and need more data to watch it, you should look for a cheaper deal. It’s important to check if your device is going to work with another carrier and be sure to use tools such as the T-Mobile IMEI checker. T-Mobile actually has a deal with Netflix and you could watch all the shows you’d like.

Don’t Be Scared of Early Termination Fees

When you buy a new phone via your carrier, and later on decide to leave it, you may need to pay an early termination fee and therefore feel trapped in the contract. The good news is that some companies will give you some prepaid credit to cover the fees if you switch over to them.

You Need to Cut Costs

If you need to save some extra cash and your phone provider is not being flexible and offering you a better deal, you might need to leave them. Whether you’re going through a rough financial situation or just saving for an upcoming trip, you should be in control of how you spend your money.

The Contract Is About to End

If you’re getting to the end of your contract, instead of mindlessly accepting what your current phone provider is offering, use the time to shop for new deals. It’s the perfect time to move to a new carrier and find a plan that works best for you.

Your Friends Have Amazing Deals

Many people think they have an amazing deal, and only realize it’s actually not that good when they talk to their friends. If you know someone who gets a lot more bang for their buck with a different carrier, you should consider checking it out and possibly moving on.

No one likes going through the hassle of changing carriers. You’ll probably need new passwords and SIM cards, and you may have a day or two with weird coverage. However, if that means you’ll be getting an amazing deal with a top-notch smartphone, and most likely save money, it’s definitely something to consider. If you feel it’s time to switch, go for it!

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