You can’t have an exciting and entertaining game of baseball without a reliable baseball bat. It’s the power of the swing and the force of a sturdy bat that makes the ball fly so you can score a home run. You don’t have to stick with a lousy bat that leaves your hits lifeless, a good baseball bat will have you playing like Bryce Harper or Mike Trout in no time. So here are a few basic things to remember when purchasing a bat.

What’s It Made Of?

When choosing a bat one of the main things to consider is what it’s made of. The material that the bats are made of will determine what strength the bat will have, the price that it will be, and the durability of it. Composite, aluminium and wood are the three materials that are used to construct the various kinds of baseball bats. There are advantages to all of these types of bats.

Wood baseball bats are made from either Ash, Maple, Bamboo or Birch. These different types of wood add varying dynamics to the effect of the bat; whether you want a more heavier or flexible feel, and a stronger and more substantial strike of the ball.

Composite bats are said to add a larger sweet spot to the bat that will give more of a trampoline effect to the ball. These bats can also be constructed in a way that evens out the weight of the bat making it comfortable to control.

If you want a bat that’s affordable but that also offers some of the same performance as other makes then an aluminium bat is just up your street.

How Long?

When it comes to baseball bats length is everything. You don’t want a bat that’s too long and unbearable, making the game excruciating to get through. Short bats don’t cut it either because it puts you out of the reach of hitting some killer shots. Pick a bat that you feel confident holding, that’s easy to control and that your assured will give you a good chance of winning.

How Heavy?

In a game like baseball you don’t want a bat that will weigh you down. The weight of your bat should be determined by your build. Whether lighter or heavier, you want a bat that’s agreeable with you and suited to your preference. Let your swing hit the ball out of the park with a bat that is easy for you to manage.

Additional Extras

When it comes to this long-loved sport that has captured the hearts of many over the years, you want to have the traditional feel that made this sport receive so many fans: the traditional stiff hit that most authentic baseball bats provide.

You could choose between having a one-piece and a two-piece bat. Getting a two-piece bat can stop the vibration that gives a sting in your arms and sore repercussions after the match. Yet one-piece bats offer that conventional feel and that stiff hit that have had many coming back for that same rewarding feel.

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