If you are someone who likes working with other people and are interested in a career where you regularly get to learn and talk about different things, then studying to become someone who trains company workers in a given skill area could well be a way to set yourself up for a career path you might enjoy.

Here is some information about what corporate trainers do, and some of the specialisms in this kind of job:

What Is It Like Being a Corporate Trainer?

Corporate trainers can either work in house for companies, designing and delivering training courses on things people in different roles need to know about, or can work for training consultancies who are hired to come in and deliver training as needed.

If you work in house for a company, it is likely that you will get to visit all of their different sites, and this may even involve international travel. As an example, companies who set up offshore call centers often need their trainers to go and run courses for the people who will be staffing them. Travel can also be an essential for trainers who work for consultancies, as the client sites where the training needs to be given could be anywhere.

What Sort of Things Do Corporate Trainers Specialize in?

Some corporate trainers specialize in providing courses that lead to certain industry qualifications, for example Microsoft certifications for IT people, or certifications in things like ITIL and Six Sigma. Then there are trainers who focus on soft skills, and do things like leadership training for new managers, or communications training for customer service staff.

A field that is growing quite rapidly is in training corporate staff for emergencies, too, and this can range from basic things like first aid and evacuation through to more advanced aspects of dealing with emergencies like disaster recovery planning. This type of training is not only needed by private organizations but also in public sector facilities like hospitals, prisons, colleges, and community projects. Often, specialist training consultancies are brought in to deliver this kind of training as it is not something where there is usually the expertise in house.

What Makes Corporate Training a Great Career Choice?

One of the best things about corporate training is that you get to meet lots of different people – even when you work for one company, you will probably see people from all over the business in terms of department and location. Another good thing about it is that there is always the opportunity to work on new courses, whether you want to train people in emerging technologies that are coming into use in business or add a new string to your bow in terms of learning to deliver training on a different skillset. This means there is plenty of variety to keep things interesting!

If you are a people person and love the idea of teaching but prefer the idea of a business focused job to actually being a teacher, being a corporate trainer is a rewarding and lucrative career path you can start studying towards now!

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