One night stands, a casual approach to sex, a single night of passion, a no strings evening of fun. When it comes to the idea of a one night stand they have sometimes been viewed in a negative light. But why is this?

Why we have always seen one night stands as morally wrong?

The idea of falling into bed with someone that you don’t know has always been one that some people cannot understand. Sex, for so many people has become a sign of love, something that you do with a person who you see yourself staying with for some time. It is a shared experience and something that you do together.

One night stands are more of a selfish approach to sex, they are a chance to get what you want, without even thinking about what the other person may want. In fact, in some situations, people don’t even swap numbers in the morning. Going their separate ways and carrying on with the rest of their life.

Some people may see nothing wrong with this, after all, isn’t sex about having fun and seeking pleasure. But, for other people, one night stands are a little on the naughty side, and they are not going to lead to anything serious!

So, are one night stands morally wrong?

We don’t think that there is any reason to judge someone else by the choices that they make to sex. After all, if it isn’t hurting us, then why should we pass our judgment onto someone else?

The world is changing. Men and women are more equal, women are not seen as “easy” if they admit that they enjoy sex. Not only this, but dating apps such as Tinder and NSA sex solutions like: have made meeting people all the easier. This in turn, increases the chances that more people will have a one night stand.

One night stands between two single people are not going to cause any hurt. But many people are concerned that a one night stand isn’t always quite so innocent. People who are in relationships might see them as an easy way to have sex with other people. Without your partner ever finding out.

Will this have an impact on serious relationships? Will less and less people take a more monogamous approach to relationships?

We are not sure, however, we hope that one night stands stay as a great way for people who want to simply have some fun. We don’t want them to stop the idea of relationships and long term love, as these things are definitely something that keeps the world going round!

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