Society is always indicating that we have to look a certain way and whilst this is often aimed at women, there is a great deal of social pressure on the shoulders of men too, that they must have a certain type of body. In fact owing to this we have caught a brilliant campaign recently by Chemist Click called #notypicalman  and they are seeking at shedding light of the changing attitudes towards the male body throughout history, and reinforcing the belief that men should be able to look however they wish as long as they are comfortable and healthy.

The question therefore ‘are you a typical man?’ is one which doesn’t really have an answer, because whilst there is an expectation, there is no such thing as typical, and here is why.


Sometime it is very easy for us to completely forget about genetics and the frame which we have actually that alters the way in which we look and the physique which we have. Now of course you do have it within your power to manipulate the body type which you have and make it more like another, but at the end of the day there are pre-set limitations to this based on our genetics. What you eat and how you train are important, but there are some body shapes which just can’t be changed.

Wide Range

It is easier than ever before to see a wide range of body types and find out what kind of foods should be eaten or what kind of workouts should be done. Some people therefore may wish to get that body builder frame, others may look at calisthenics as a way to achieve a lean yet strong body and others may prefer the runner’s body which is slender and functional. the point is that we are inspired more than ever before by an enormous range of body types which has completely shattered the notion that there is a ‘typical’ type of body.


Fitness is far more fashionable that it has ever been before throughout history and this is where our inspiration is coming from for our body types. In the past you would have people who were in shape or out of shape but now we are seeing all manner of body shapes and sizes. Fashion is also having an impact on those people who are slightly out of shape and we have seen in recent years that there has been a focus on the ‘dad-bod’ which is an in-shape person who has let things slip slightly. ¬†Fashion has always played a part in body shapes and sizes but even fashion now will highlight multiple body types rather than just focusing on one type of frame and shape.

If you don’t have what society considers to be a ‘typical body’ then you really shouldn’t worry at all, because that typical body really doesn’t exist any more, at least not in the same way that it once did.

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