Arnon Dror is currently the Senior Operations Executive of Janus Technologies, a renowned strategic consultancy and IT solutions partner with global reach. The company also provides an innovate architecture for Enterprise Security Solutions.

Mr. Dror earned an MBA in Finance from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he is currently a supporter, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the same University. He currently resides in Boston.

Before joining the executive team of Janus technologies, Arnon has worked in various senior executive positions in high profile companies such as Xerox, Kodak, Creo, Scitex and Presstek, where he led various initiatives including piloting business mergers and turnarounds.

Mr. Dror is highly experienced in areas of finance including business processes, supply chain management, operations which include IT, accounting, treasury, financial planning and analysis, cashflow management, internal controls, negotiations as well as mergers and acquisitions, just to mention a few. He has established himself as a trusted advisor to company leadership with expertise in analyzing and presenting solutions and coming up with strategic recommendations.

Arnon is an effective and decisive manager with the right mix of skills to lead multi-functional teams and achieve higher levels of efficiency, productivity and operational effectiveness. He is a successful role model across organizations of all sizes and delivers outstanding transformations in cost, customer satisfaction, cashflow, savings and margins.

He has a record of excellence in leading, integrating and restructuring businesses to meet and even exceed performance and revenue targets, not to mention extensive skills in managing global enterprises. His results-driven and hands-on approach in leading teams in global companies with significant complexity and operating scale set him apart from the crowd. Mr. Dror was VP of Finance for the US channel group, Xerox.

While at Creo, Arnon was instrumental in various roles, including the Scitex/Creo acquisition, to consolidating the growing operations all the way to the eventual sale to Kodak. He is exceptionally brilliant, calm, experienced, hardworking and a Strickler for detail.

Arnon has a keen interest in the latest technologies and has helped the companies he has worked with to embrace digital technology and advancements. He has publicly spoken out about companies bracing themselves for technological changes and the need to create a culture that supports digital transformation. And being in top-level management, he encourages his staff by leading from the top.

During his time at Kodak, Arnon managed the firm’s global supply chain transformation, delivering well over $100 million dollars in cash savings between distribution cost and inventory. He has continued to leave the companies for which he has worked, far better than he found them. During his duration with other companies, he led negotiations and implementations that maximized the welfare of those firms.

Arnon is also involved in cybersecurity, real estate investments, and the printing industry. He also keeps his eye on the latest gadgets and cars.

He is passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom and supporting children with special needs. Mr. Dror is also a supporter of the New England Patriots and Boston Celtics.

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