If shopping for a new autumn wardrobe becomes a complicated struggle for you, then you have come to the right place as we are taking you through what you need to get this season to update your wardrobe. Autumn is a favourite season for many as it means lots of stylish clothes that are also warm and comfortable. Carry on reading our autumn fashion guide for advice on what to wear to every occasion this AW18.

Office Days

Every office will have its own dress code which you will need to ensure that you follow, however, for the autumn season there are a few cool tweaks that you can make to your usual attire that will help you to transition from a day at the office to after work dinner and drinks. Denim shirts are made for the autumn weather, providing a comfortable and relaxed feel to them but also still being tailored enough that you can button them up for a more formal occasion. Colours that tend to recur every autumn are burgundy and oxblood, so make sure that you have these ready to go for when the leaves start to fall.

Heading to the Bar

If you are going on a night out to a bar, then you will need to take the slightly chillier weather into consideration when choosing your outfit. Jeans and long sleeve tops are the way forward here with a cool pair of boots to match. Men’s shoes by Dune is the perfect place to head to if you are looking for both comfort and style for long office days and heading to the bar at night. This outfit will flatter all body types and look smarter than a simple t-shirt.

Date Night

No matter whether you are meeting up for the first date or have been together for years, you will want to look like you have put effort into your attire when heading out on a date night. Autumn is probably the easiest time to do this. Flannels are a great mix of tailoring and comfort and keeping it unbuttoned will ensure you look effortlessly cool, while a buttoned-up look is chic and tailored. A great pair of dark fitted jeans, sneakers and a flannel will have you instantly looking date night ready.


If you like to work out outside and go for a run, you will need to update to your gym wardrobe to reflect the colder seasons. You’ll quickly feel the chill if you are outside running or even if you are just heading to the gym and so you’ll need to say goodbye to the tiny summer tops and instead look into getting long-sleeved compression attire. This lets you move your body but won’t overheat you and will even help to control sweating. You can also throw on a pair of leggings if you need some extra warmth when working out outside.

Relaxing Days

The colder seasons really are the best when it comes to relaxing as who doesn’t like to sit in, cosied up on the couch with a pumpkin spiced latte watching television? For those relaxing autumn days off, you will need to invest in a fleece, a few pairs of soft joggers and your favourite pair of sneakers.

Just remember, comfort is key when deciding on what to buy for autumn and these top picks will hopefully allow you to inject both comfort and style into your autumn wardrobe for 2018.

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