If you’re currently looking to sell your home for a move to a brand-new place, you’ll want to get the best possible price for what you have now. More money means more to spend on getting a bigger place or making over the new property so you get exactly what you want. To do this you’ll need to refresh, clean up and rejuvenate your current home to add some extra value to your property. As price is of the utmost importance, this it will all be able about spending money to make more money so bear this in mind. Touching up and redoing element of your home to make it attractive to new buyers goes a long way in terms of securing a sale. So to give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a few ways to add value to your home that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Declutter and Clean

When new buyers enter your home, you don’t want them waking into mess. It reduces, not only the appeal, but it also removes the appearance of space, making visitors struggle to visualise the potential of the rooms. A simple step but one often missed out of laziness, cleaning and decluttering can make all the difference. If you have piles of books, toys or clothing lay about, it doesn’t look great. You should look to off load the clutter to a friend or family member, to give you brief relief for photos/viewings or alternatively, tuck them away or organise them in a tidy manner that doesn’t negate from your room size. The world we live in today demands clean and class to catch the eye – especially considering people find their homes online today. You need to make an instant impression and by making your home look inviting so it’ll give you more power in getting the price you want in the end. The key is not to put any potential buyer off so making the most of the space is crucial, so get tidying!

Getting the Right Guidance

Selling your home, especially as a novice, is a tricky time. Unless you’re completely confident in your ability and knowledge of the market, there are better suited specialists that can help you through the process of selling your home. Choosing estate agents and conveyancing solicitors may come with a cost, but it will give you the guidance you need. They are on hand to help you negotiate with any potential buyers, which in the long run itself can add extra value to your home. Asking questions will outline any costs you may be unaware of, which will ultimately form a financial plan. You can then judge how much it will cost you against the increase in value you’ll get. As specialists, they’ll give you the best possible advice, directly related to your area which will give you a clear idea of what to expect. This is invaluable when you consider that an online agent may not know as much as say direct conveyancing solicitors in Stockport who have exact knowledge of the region.

Have You Insulated the Property?

Insulation is an unexpected way to really add value to your home – especially if your property is older. Today as electricity bills saw, it is an absolute necessity to cut costs for yourself and new residents, making the home a little bit healthier. It may mean you’ll have to pay some money out but in the grand scheme of things it will make it energy efficient, warmer and will help you save money in the long run.

Bathroom and Kitchen Tweaks

As you’ll know, kitchens and bathrooms are arguably the two biggest selling points of the home. They can make or break a home as they are the integral place that people will always spent a lot of time in. Re tiling or re grouting the room can give those rooms an instant new look. Updating cabinets, adding in new utensils or accessories can give them a new shine and by fixing any faulty taps or handle’s it can make an old room, look brand new.

Get the Edge with An Extension

If someone is looking for a new home, they’ll always look for the most amount of space for the least amount of money. Adding an extension could give you the edge over any competitions. A higher in cost move but one that can return more value and even make the difference for a quicker sale. Adding an orangery or conservatory is a great way to open out your home. If you create a following theme throughout your house, you can match your living room colour scheme with your extension, complementing the room with cane furniture additions, throws, ornaments and cushions. This will create an escape in the home and it will draw your buyers in, seeing this bright, beautiful room that they could see themselves relaxing in.

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