Henderson, NC is part of Henderson County, which has a strong agricultural history. Bonworth, meanwhile, is the country’s favorite mother-daughter clothing store and, while they have little to do directly with agriculture, they are part of the Henderson and North Carolina community and therefor have ties to this amazing industry. Indeed, much of the philosophies used by COO Gurumoorthy Gursankar, have been inspired by those in the agricultural industry of Henderson County.

How Bonworth Fits with the Agricultural Industry

There are numerous ways in which a clothing store such as Bonworth has made itself part of the agricultural industry. For instance, they regularly run promotional events that encourage people to buy local. Doing so creates savings for the community as a whole. Additionally, a percentage of their sales is donated to charitable causes that are local and of importance to Henderson, NC. Last but not least, the company is committed to having a strong female workforce and have increased its diversity over the past few years, something also emulated in the local agricultural sector. It is no surprise that the store has received so many 5 star reviews and positive testimonials when they do so much for the community as a whole.

Henderson is home to lost of fresh local produce, including cabbage, blackberries, corn, cherries, eggplant, cut flowers, ice cream, green beans, bell peppers, peaches, and raspberries. These can be purchased through farmstands like U-Pick, grocers’ and farmers’ markets, wineries, and local non-agricultural businesses, something that Bonworth fully supports. One of the reasons they do so is because Henderson’s climate and terrain is so unique and the environment is incredibly friendly for businesses, and particularly women in business.

Not just that, Bonworth, known for their BeBonworthBeautiful slogan, based much of their business model on that of the local agricultural sector. They aimed to create a brand that was memorable and eye catching, but also one that increases people’s focus on what it means to be a good member of the community. That includes buying local products from local stores.

Bonworth Reveals the Benefits of Shopping Local

By shopping local, you will:

  • Enjoy far better taste in fresh produce, because it hasn’t traveled so far yet.
  • Enjoy more nutritious foods because they are sold when picked.
  • Know exactly where things come from. Whether that is fresh produce from a local farmer or clothing from Bonworth, you will know it is good and ethical.
  • Support the local economy. Small stores and the agricultural sector are struggling and it is important that everybody works together to change this.
  • Reduce the need for packaging, one of the greatest polluters on this planet.
  • Help to conserve resources and lower carbon emissions.
  • Benefit the planet as a whole, but mainly your own community.

According to Bonworth, shopping locally, regardless of what you are shopping for, is incredibly important. It ensures that you help the entire community become a better place, something that the store is 100% committed to.

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