Whether you are a new motorcycle owner or have been a bike owner for many years, you will definitely agree that it is important to keep your bike in tip top condition to ensure that it is running at its best performance for as long as it possibly can. You can start by having your motorcycle serviced regularly. How often to service your motorcycle depends on the type of motorcycle, the rider, how it was used, and the distance travelled.

The owner’s manual will provide you with the guidelines on when your machine needs to be serviced. Usually it will give a specific number of kilometres travelled. Once your bike goes into the workshop the mechanic will be able to check and identify any parts that needs to be changed to avoid serious problem. Whatever motorcycle or cruiser motorcycle parts that needs replacing will be brought to your attention. Otherwise, basic maintenance like oil replacement, etc. will be carried out to ensure your bike keeps running at its best performance.

Checking for wear and tear of your motorcycle tyres should be done regularly. Again the owner’s manual will guide you on how the tyres should be checked and what to look out for. Also look out for any small nail or sharp object that may get embedded in the tyre. Spending some time for this regular checks could avoid puncture or burst tyres.

Before embarking on long distance riding, oil level and fuel filter should be checked and if necessary, have it replaced. Checking and replacing brake fluid should be done every year or every two year to ensure that the brakes are working well. Keep a habit of oiling the chain regularly.

Having a headlight and the tail light that shine brightly is important especially when riding in the dark. The lights help you to see where you are going and also for other drivers or riders to see you while you are riding on the road. Motorcycles are small compared to other vehicles and can be easily hidden from sight. Having the lights on will catch the attention of those who may not be aware of your presence on the road. Aftermarket motorcycle headlight assembly can be found in some websites and bikebandit.com is one of them.

Not only are headlights and tail lights need checking. While you are at it, check also the indicator or signal lights and reflectors on your bike. At bikebandit.com, you can check out all the parts and accessories you need for your bike. Motorcycling can be fun and enjoyable if safety precaution is taken into consideration.

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