If you own a Chevy Camaro, whether it is the first generation, sixth or any in between, you likely love your vehicle. Since it was first introduced in the 60s, the Camaro has been a huge fan favorite. Keeping yours in good condition takes some effort and investment. Fortunately, there are some excellent products that make safe storage easier than ever.

Car Bubble

Storing valuable vehicles, especially well-kept classics, can be a little nerve-wracking. If you don’t have the right environment for storage, no amount of covers or cleaning if going to do the job. However, building a garage space with sufficient air circulation and protection from dirt and corrosive materials can be expensive. A car bubble may be the solution you are looking for.

You can set up a capsule in your garage and drive your vehicle straight in. It is a great way to create an optimal storage area for your Camaro. This type of storage is typically reserved for vehicles that will be kept in a single location for an extended period of time. You likely don’t want this type of protection for your daily driver. However, it is great for show cars and other valuable vehicles.

Outdoor Cover

If you are storing your vehicle outdoors, make sure to get a waterproof cover for it. You may be surprised by how much damage rain and other weather can do to a vehicle, especially a classic.

The right cover should be waterproof but breathable. While this may sound impossible, there are some high-quality covers that achieve both. If the cover isn’t breathable, it will trap moisture against the paint, damaging it.

Consider opting for a fleece lines waterproof car cover. The soft fleece lining will prevent the cover from causing scratches on your paint from any dirt or dust trapped underneath. Additionally, you will likely want an easily washed cover. While the cover will protect your Camaro, it will get dirty itself. Easy maintenance is worth a premium for car covers.

Sun Protection

As you likely know, the sun can seriously punish any vehicle left outside for too long. It can heat up the interior and sauce UV damage to the dashboard, seats and more. One of the simplest solutions for this is a custom windshield sun shade. This will block any harmful sun rays from getting into your beloved Camaro and damaging the interior.

It is worth getting a custom shade because it will cover the windshield more fully. Additionally, it will fit into place more easily. One of the struggles with universal sun shades is that it can be difficult to get them positioned correctly. Your Camaro deserves a shade designed to fit it perfectly.

Get Started

Don’t store your Chevy Camaro improperly. If you love your car, you should spend the time and effort necessary to protect it. With some basic products such as a good outdoor cover and a sun shade, you can ensure that it will stay in the best shape possible. Don’t hesitate to get started with protective accessories for your vehicle.

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