Rolling your shirt sleeves up can be functional and stylish, sometimes simultaneously if you do it right an we are here today as part of our fashion focus to give you the complete guide to rolling your shirt sleeves up. Whether you are trying add some style to your outfit, appear casual in an otherwise formal setting or simply feel the need tho roll up, we have all of the info that you need about rolling up the sleeves on your shirt and how to get the best effect from doing so.

When Should You Roll Up?

Functionality often plays a key role in rolling up your shirt sleeves, if you are feeling hot or you are doing a job which could result in your cuffs being dirty, rolling up is a great option. The last thing that any man needs when wearing a fresh, crisp shirt is to dirty the cuffs, for this reason, functionally rolling up is what you need to do.

You can also opt to roll up your sleeve in order to look a bit more stylish, rolling up your sleeves gives a really cool and casual impression whilst you are wearing clothing which gives off the look of formality.

How to go About it

There are quite a few ways in which you can go about rolling up your shirt sleeves depending on what kind of look it is that you are going for.

If you are rolling up your sleeves in order to do a job then you will want to get the sleeves rolled up as high as they can possibly go to avoid getting any marks on your shirt.

If you are rolling up to be stylish then it is important to work out which looks best on you. Go to the bathroom and raise your shirt sleeves to different levels and check it out in the mirror. How good different lengths look will be dependent on the bagginess of the shirt, the size of your arms and whether they are muscular or not as well as how it looks with your outfit overall. Th key to looking great is using a mirror and making a judgment call.

Roll Up Styles

You could opt for a a 3/4 length roll up with tight folds, a slightly more casual look where you let the cuffs hang either side of your roll up or alternatively you could aim to roll the sleeves up nice and high and show off those guns of yours. Rolling up your shirt sleeves may appear pretty simple but there are many styles to choose from and it is important that you find the one that looks best on you.

So there you have it, the next time you are feeling hot or want to alter how your shirt looks to appear more casual, head to the restroom, get in front of a mirror and try out some different ways to roll up those sleeves.

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