Health information management (commonly abbreviated to HIM) is the science of collecting, analyzing, and securely storing patient information with a view to improving the standards and quality of general patient care. HIM combines elements of science, business, and computing and brings together various techniques from each of these disciplines to ensure that patients are receiving the appropriate level of care.

An increasing number of students are opting to study for an online him degree, especially those who want to make a difference in medicine but don’t have the appropriate qualifications to work as a doctor. This shouldn’t put you off as the work done by HIM graduates is equally as important in ensuring patients receive the right care delivered in the right way. Completing an online bachelor in health information management is a far cheaper alternative to full medical training and online courses are particularly well suited to those who could benefit from more flexible studying hours.

University of Cincinnati Health Information Management Program

The ‘Future of HIM professional’ infographic was produced by the University of Cincinnati.

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