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If your groom is less than enthused about participating in the wedding plans, this isn’t uncommon. The truth is that planning a wedding can be a massive undertaking, so your future hubby may be reluctant to step in or unsure where their opinion matters. When you work on this together, you’ll both become more excited about the upcoming date, so it’s vital that you make an effort. Here are a few creative ways to get your fiancé involved in the wedding planning.

Schedule Short Discussions. Most guys would prefer to avoid long planning meetings, so it’s better if you can split up your wedding discussions into bite-sized bits. If you are discussing the wedding during every waking moment, it’s going to get old. Instead, set up a regular day and time, if possible, to meet about one aspect or another of the planning.

Play to His Interests. The best way to get your future husband involved in the wedding plans is to play to his interests. Is he more technical, creative, or handy? Ask him to take on some tasks that you think he’ll enjoy such as choosing the music, lining up the transportation, or searching for a vendor for a photo booth. You could even hand over the entire honeymoon plans and leave the outcome as the ultimate surprise.

Don’t Forget the Finances. One thing that becomes crystal clear during the planning stages is that weddings aren’t cheap. These expenses can also be an added source of stress in a relationship, so it’s essential that you keep the lines of communication open when it comes financial planning. Sit down together early and create a reasonable wedding budget, which is something you will need to revisit and adjust several times during the planning process.

Incorporate Groom Style Details. As a bride, you have the opportunity to pick out a gorgeous dress and other the complementary details that will make your wedding unique. Your groom should be permitted to do the same. Ask him to think about certain details of his and his groomsmen’s attire such as pocket squares, suspenders, and cufflinks. Have him choose cufflinks for himself and his groomsmen that complement their attire or highlight an interest or passion.

Allow Something to Be Entirely His. Just because you are planning a lifetime of happiness together, that doesn’t mean that you have exactly the same interests and tastes. Ask your groom to pick out some wedding elements that are entirely his, such as a favorite food, signature cocktail, and even his own cake. The addition of a groom’s cake has become popular in recent years and is a way that you can allow your future husband to celebrate the day in his unique way. It also gives your guests a choice in delicious desserts at the reception.

Not all couples are equally interested in the details of planning a wedding. Just because one partner is more involved than another doesn’t lessen their commitment to the big day. Finding unique ways to get your groom to participate in the planning will help ensure that you have a cohesive vision and the most magical experience possible when the big day arrives.

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