There is nothing like quality wood furniture to bring your home to life. The natural finishes, the quality materials, and the sturdy construction will give every room in your house the elegance and luster it needs. But if you’ve always relied on big box furniture companies and never bought custom wood furniture before, it can feel a little overwhelming. First of all, don’t let the price tag throw you off – this is furniture that will last for decades. You won’t be replacing several times over the way you would replace something you picked up from a big box store. Some other tips and suggestions for purchasing wood furniture for your home could include:

#1 Unity

Do not mix too many different types of wood in the same room as the room will not look coordinated and the overall effect will be confusing or even overwhelming. Try to stick with the same finish throughout the area, as well, whether it’s a welcoming, rustic brown, stylish black finishes, or lighter beige and white shades. Also, remember to always take the wood tones in the floor into consideration when decorating with wood.

#2 Maintenance

Maintain your custom wood furniture regularly, as even the best of care cannot always prevent heat or water damage, scratches, discolorations, or warping. If these occur, know that wood repair services are available to assist you with even the biggest issue. Your family heirlooms and other solid wood furniture in your home can look as good as new in a very short time.

#3 Decorate the Whole House

In Toronto, you can find custom wood dining tables, coffee tables, sofas, chairs, beds, desks, cabinets, bookcases, sideboards, entertainment units and more from furniture companies like Woodcraft. From full collections to single pieces, a custom wood furniture company can create a brand-new look in your home.

#4 Quality & Delivery

Choose the highest quality furniture pieces to use as family heirlooms from a reputable company that will assist you in choosing the highest-quality items and then deliver them straight to your door. White glove delivery can give you peace of mind – you know that your brand-new furniture won’t be damaged during shipping.

Purchasing solid wood furniture for your home will add a luxury and appeal to the decor that cannot be matched. If you choose well, these items will defy trends and fads and will always look superb in any room of the house when you remodel or redecorate.

Restaining is always an option if you have a piece that’s still in sound shape, but that’s looking a little worn, tired, or out of date. A new finish can make a solid, decades-old piece of wood furniture look contemporary and fit your interior design plans. But, make sure you take the piece to a company that knows how to care for solid wood furniture. For example, Toronto company Woodcraft does all of its refinishing work by hand. Soaking furniture to strip it of its finish can weaken joints and cause the piece to fall apart. Expert craftsmen take the time to do it themselves, no shortcuts. If you’re worried about an heirloom piece of furniture that looks tired or outdated, get some design tips from Woodcraft and learn how you can restore it and make it match the look you’ve always wanted. Your home deserves better; bring home quality wood furniture today.

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