If you’re travelling this summer (and, hey, even if you’re just staying in your backyard) it’s a great idea to discover the heat-beating magic of merino wool. Durable, soft to the touch, andgreat for regulating your body’s temperature, merino wool is a jack-of-all-trades. If it’s cold outside, the wool will be able to keep you warm, and if it’s warm outside, merino will keep you cool. It has a strange, magic ability to be both insulating and breathable.

And as if this wonder fabric wasn’t wonderful enough, Merino wool, aside from being somehow both breathable and insulating, also has the ability to repel dirt and water. The inside of the fibre is absorbent, which is good news to all those planning a vacation in a humid place. And to those planning a vacation, hot or otherwise, who balk at the idea of going out in search of this rare, wonder-fabric, it bears mentioning that merino wool is more common now than it was before – Unbound Merino wool clothing can be found online, for instance, and caters specifically to travellers – so there really isn’t much of an excuse to go without merino wool this summer.

How about we add yet another of merino’s magical qualities here: the ability to inhibit smell. Merino wool is able to inhibit smell because the keratin that the wool is made of has the ability to break down the bacteriaresponsible for causing unattractive odours. Another, simpler way that merino wool achieves this is because allowing the person wearing it to stay dry; no one wants to smell the stale sweat of someone who’s been travelling all day.

One more benefit to throw your way, and this one is of particular resonance and significance these days: since it is made of natural and renewable materials, merino wool is environmentally friendly and practical. It is bio-gradable, unlike polyester for example. When you’re on vacation, merino wool is a great material because you don’t have to wash the material as much, meaning you can spare both yourself and the environment the hassle of using detergent. Merino wool can be worn several times without you having to worry about it smelling funny, which, aside from helping you make friends, means you’re spending less on washing. Plus when you do decide to wash it, it’s going to dry really quickly. All you have to do is walk around with it in the hot sun (or hang it on a clothesline like a normal person) and in no time at all it’ll be dry as the day you took it out of the box.
Lastly, merino wool is very easy to take care of while you are on vacation. When it’s packed up in your luggage, you don’t have to worry about it creasing, so you don’t have to bother ironing your clothes when you get to your destination. It’s the little things, right? So if you’re travelling this summer to a far-flung corner of the world, or if you’re just traveling to the store to buy some ice cream, remember that merino wool has your back (literally) this summer.

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