There are few games that have the right to call themselves the grandfather of an entire genre. But, ID Software’s Doom is a video game legend that may as well own the birth certificate for the first person shooter genre. Prior to Doom, which released in 1993, there was another games that dabbled in trying to create a 3D first person perspective, namely; Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold. But it was the hell themed, ultra-violent, shooting extravaganza Doom that really took the concept to new heights.

There was virtually not a person who owned a computer that did not know what Doom was, and so popular was the game that Microsoft Windows, the 95 iteration, attempted to gain traction by providing compatibility with the game. In other words; in 1995 Doom was more popular than Windows and due to the lack of technological advancements of the time, more popular than online Blackjack NZ has to offer. Let that sink in.

Evolving A Genre

By the time Doom 2 came out, the franchise was a mega-success that few games at the time could hope to match. Adults and children alike were enamoured by the violent shooting, fast paced action, and tough as nails gameplay of the now infamous shooters. Other game developers soon began to emulate the style, creating a genre that became referred to as first person shooter.

Quake soon followed Doom 2, also created by ID Software, and also somehow managing to push the boundaries of existing game technology to new heights. Doom, although seeming to be a 3D game, had in fact been a 2D game, creating the illusion of a 3D world. Quake, however, would be the first truly 3D game, releasing in 1996.

Quake was equally as successful as Doom, elevating ID Software to the status of video game legends, and firmly cementing the first person shooter genre as an industry staple. And, following Quake, the tidal wave of shooter games that followed by other developers can virtually thank their existence to the grandfather of the evolution, Doom.

Doom 3 And Doom 2016

By the time Doom 3 released, in 2004, the first person shooter genre was crowded, to say the least. Other major shooters had entered into the industry, including the legendary Half-Life. ID Software, in an attempt to regain legendary status, created Doom 3 to showcase extraordinary new levels of graphics fidelity. And Doom 3 did just that. The game was overshadowed, however, by Half-life 2, which proved to be a far more ground breaking and loved title.

This left ID Software treading water for many years, with other game releases that received only lukewarm praise, such as Rage in 2011, which although graphically impressive, did not win over gamers with mediocre shooting mechanics.

It was not until 2016 that a Doom remake was released, once again capturing minds and re-establishing ID Software as gaming legends, squashing all thoughts of gaming flops too. With a return to classic fast paced action, and breakneck, ultra violent action, the Doom remake once again hit home with gamers, and achieved incredible success.

From 1993, to 2016, Doom has managed to be a game that has turned heads, and made gamers sit up and take notice.

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