In today’s society of equality, men have as many rights and opportunities to look as good as women. As well as moisturising and taking care of their skin, they see at as equally important to look after their bodies and to enhance their assets. They will happily resort to drug based plastic surgery to get the results that they want.

Dr. Alton Ingram performs many types of surgery on men in many states of America, either on their bodies or facies. A selection of the most popular of these are the brow lift: This makes the patient look younger as the skin around the brow is tightened and lifted and any sagging is removed. In some similar vein men are having the wrinkled or baggy skin from around their eyes removed via eye bag removal surgery. Again, this is to give them a more youthful look.

Face lifts are another similar process carried out by Dr Ingram. This cosmetic surgery procedure will tighten the skin all around the face and neck and create a more youthful vibrant look. Men, who do not tend to wear their hair long, may not like their ears. Their ears may stick out or have been damaged through sport or other injuries and may thus have their ears reshaped which can greatly increase their self-confidence. Another reconstruction on the face may be a nose job, men may have had their noses broken or just never been happy with the symmetry and may therefore request a reconstruction of their nose.

Handsome men are supposed to have a rugged look and a protruding jaw line, in this aim some men opt for chin implants. There are other instances when Dr. Alton Ingram will be asked to perform this surgery, this is sometimes due to protruding chins or when the chin is imbalanced or has suffered damage due to an injury.

Male liposuction is also carried out by Dr. Alton Ingram this is a surgery which will remove the excess fat that exercise, or healthy eating has not been able to eliminate. This is with the aim of encouraging the patient to then pursue a healthy lifestyle to maintain their optimal look. If liposuction isn’t enough then men will also make motion to have a gastric band fitted. This cosmetic surgery process reduces the amount of food that can be eaten, and It promotes weight loss, a decrease in blood pressure and general wellbeing to avoid illnesses such as diabetes. This can greatly increase confidence, as the patient sees themselves visibly changing. This in turn encourages them to keep going with the healthy lifestyle as they can see the differences and the benefits of doing so.

Similarly, men may want to be rid of their “man boobs” 60 percent of men are said to suffer with this problem. The removal of these will again increase confidence especially if they live in hot states, such as the state of Florida, where they may frequently want to hit the beach and remove their tops. Their look can thus be improved through cosmetic surgery.

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