If you’re interested in local politics and are determined to give each political candidate a fair chance, it’s well worth continuing reading to discover everything you need to know about one of Seattle’s newest political candidates, Peter Zieve.

Everything you need to know about the political candidate Peter Zieve:

  1. Peter Zieve is a successful businessman

If you’re curious as to why you may never have heard of Peter Zieve as a politician, the simple answer is that Peter Zieve is new to politics and has spent the majority of life as a businessman.

  1. Peter Zieve is the founder and owner of Electroimpact INC

Zieve founded Electroimpact INC, a technology company which focuses on assembly automation and robotics. Electroimpact INC is one of the most successful, lucrative technology-focused companies in Seattle and has grown from strength to strength in recent years.

  1. Throughout his extensive career as a businessman, Zieve built up a diverse range of skills

Zieve believes that he will make an effective, smart politician as, during his lengthy career as a politician, Zieve has developed useful skills in the areas of communication, leadership, and management. All of which are skills which are easily transferred to a career as a politician.

So if you’re interested in supporting a hard-working political candidate, who is determined to make effective changes, instead of wasting time merely talking about implementing necessary changes, it’s well worth considering following and supporting Zieve’s burgeoning political career.

  1. Zieve’s main goal is pursuing a political career is to give back to his community

Zieve isn’t self-interested or focused on creating a name for himself, as many politicians tend to be. Instead, Zieve has chosen to pursue a second career in politics, as a way of being able to give back to the community which supported him as a businessman as well as his business Electroimpact INC.

As while Zieve, also chooses to donate large sums of money to charitable organizations which he supports and is a proud ambassador for, Zieve believes that the most valuable asset which you can donate to an organization or a group of people is your time. As your time is limited, especially as a business person, who has a long list of obligations to fulfill on a daily basis.

  1. Zieve was born and raise Mukilteo

Peter Zieve was born and raised in Mukilteo and also makes sure to invest some of his business’ profits into well deserving Mukilteo based charities.

  1. Zieve has a huge amount of support

Zieve has quickly won a huge amount of support as a result of his recent political campaign and has even had a story about his political campaign, published in the Times. Which is one of the most read publications in the country.

In conclusion, hopefully after reading about political candidate Peter Zieve’s fascinating backstory, you’ll be convinced to follow Zieve’s political career. Starting with Zieve’s campaign for a seat on Seattle’s influential council. If Zieve’s campaign is successful, don’t be surprised if Zieve is as successful a politician as he is a businessman!

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