Generally, fitness helps people to stay fit at all times. There are many illnesses that you can keep off if you are in the habit of taking the minimum recommended workouts per week. According to health and fitness experts, one does not have to spend hours at the gym on a daily basis to achieve these goals. All that is needed is a habit of exercising a couple of days in a week. If you are scared of suffering from dementia, a condition that interferes negatively with the memory, then you must make exercises your friend.

What is Dementia?

As mentioned earlier, this condition affects the brain tissues and consequently causes loss of memory, poor judgment and limits a person’s social skills. Although memory loss comes with age, people can slow down the rate at which it strikes. Due to environmental issues and food that we eat, more youths and mid-age persons have been┬ádiagnosed with dementia. Another cause is the laid-back lifestyle people have adopted these days.

But is there a cure for this condition? Well, we can say yes since appropriate exercises can improve the condition in people who are already affected and it can prevent it from affecting those who are not sick. Below are some of the exercises that keep dementia at bay.

Dancing lessons – they say that dancing is for those with energy, but this is a wrong answer. Even the old can take dancing classes like Zumba. The best thing with dancing is that you have to coordinate the rhythm to the body moves which means that your brain is at work as well the physical body parts. Some athletes have been known to take dancing classes in attempts to improve their brain capacity. These athletes want to get the best health and fitness results, especially after taking supplements and enhancement gear from reliable sellers like

Brisk walking and jogging – one of the simplest exercise that is possible for almost every person is walking. You need to create time to jog either in the morning or late in the evening. Experts say that this cardio exercise boosts blood flow in the entire brain and feeds it with the appropriate nutrients to stay safe. If you are very busy, you can incorporate walking in your daily activities like walking to work or school, taking the stairs instead of the lift or even walking to a restaurant that is a few blocks away for lunch.

Yoga – one of the best exercises for the mind, body and soul is yoga. It can either be simple yoga or the complicated moves only taught by experienced yogis. Either way, a few sessions of yoga will boost your memory and keep dementia at bay. At the same time, a person will also stay fit physically and prevent other illnesses.


Dementia is a bad condition when it affects people of all ages. Losing memory and cognitive function is not a condition any person would like to go through. But appropriate exercises is the best defense that you have. For more details, speak to your health and fitness consultant.

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