The honeymoon period is usually referring to the one or two week vacation you take to celebrated your newlywed status where the romance, passion, intimacy and communication are an all-time high. It’s the memorable and fun stage of a relationship, and after it, couples tend to settle down into the routine of being together forever in life. When the fun stuff disappears, the relationship goes stale and that’s when problems namely, boredom can begin to crop up. Here are some simple and beneficial tips to help extend the honeymoon Period.

Make your home a sexy space 

Kick up that feeling of longing and desire a notch by teasing each other during the day. If you want your woman to be in the mood for physical intimacy, be loving all day. Infuse the room with candles, a soft place to sit, and a spot to rest a glass of wine or a cocktail, the essential ingredients for sexy time. You can also commit to trying something new in the bedroom every day for a month. Research suggests couples that have regular sex are 65 percent more likely to be happy in their relationship and stay longer.

Learning your love language

Discovering your female love language will help you invest in actions that will have a meaningful effect on your relationship. If you feel like your woman doesn’t recognize all you do for her or how much you love her, it’s probably because you don’t get her love language. Physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and words of affirmation are all required. Is your woman all about words of affirmation? Tell her why she is so special to you. Is she a gifted lover? Buy her flowers, chocolate, wine and her favorite indulgences.

Mix up night out

Anything to get your blood’s pumping is sure to be a winner. You can play the song that was her first dance at your wedding or the song that was your song when you were still dating to bring back the good time in full-force. Also going out for dinner or dessert at a super fancy restaurant or your favorite low-key place are safe options or checking out a show can break back a boring honeymoon. Couples that participated in exciting activities are reported to have a greater marriage satisfaction than those who engaged in pleasant activities together.

Make mini-breaks

Go for mini-holidays with your partner even a weekend away can do wonders as you will have that time alone to really connect. Another good move is for one person to surprise the other with a destination. Try and pick a place that you haven’t been to before, as this will rekindle that feeling of newness you had when you first started dating. Have fun skirting, flirting around and visit sporting events as these allows you to be together in a relaxed and cool setting where it’s OK to talk thereby extending your honeymoon.

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