Although summer is still far away, it’s important to have everything booked and planned ahead of time if you’re having an outdoor wedding. If your special day is happening in the sunshine or underneath the stars, here are three fabulous ideas that you can use for inspiration.

1. Set Up Outdoor Games

Whether you are throwing your reception on an expansive grass lawn, on a sandy beach or in your own backyard, setting up outdoor wedding games is a great way to keep your guests pleased—this is especially true if you need to keep younger guests preoccupied before dinner and dancing. Put out boxes full of items like jump ropes, blowing bubbles,hula hoops and kites for children and adults to entertain themselves during cocktail hour. If your location has a flat lawn, you can set up activities like lawn croquet, mini golf, bocce or badminton. If the location is a sandy beach you can still have activities like ring toss, bean bag toss or horseshoes.

2. Get A Food Truck

Outdoor weddings are known for being more festive and care-free—there is nothing that will emphasize those wonderful qualities better than a food truck. Instead of being rigid about the menu and making all of your guests sit down for hours to eat multiplecourses, rent a food truck and let your guests have a little more fun. You can rent one from a reliable catering company like The Food Dudes, who are highly-regarded leaders in the Toronto wedding catering industry. Their food trucks will offer gourmet twists on fast-food favourites like tacos, burgers, French fries and sandwiches—in addition, they can offer an indulgent dessert like Nutella Bombs for any guest with a sweet-tooth.

3. Hand Out The Right Party Favours

You want your guests to feel comfortable for the entire wedding, so you should offer party favours that will help them deal with the weather. In case the day ends up feeling a little too hot or humid for your liking, you can create DIY fans out of your wedding programs. To help your guests deal with glaring sunshine, there are plenty of clever summer wedding ideas for party favours like cute pairs of sunglasses, sunhats or parasols. If you are worried about the temperature dropping as your guests dance into the night, you can always offer wraps or blanket scarves for those who feel a little chilly. These party favours will be greatly appreciated by all in attendance because they are lovely and useful keepsakes from your big day.

If you want your outdoor summer wedding to be an incredible experience for your guests, entertain them with games, delight them with a food truck and give them party favours that will keep them comfortable. These three fabulous ideas will make sure that your guests are relaxed and happy, which means that your special day will be sunny, sweet and stress-free.

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