I have a real fascination with the varying levels of happiness that many of us feel in our lives and the disparity between that and joy, two things which I consider to be very different form each other. I wanted to talk a little today about how to find the happiness that you are after and I have taken inspiration from a buddy of mine, Bennett Kireker, first I will give you a bit of background on my friend, and why he is so happy.


Starting out selling’s home grown fruit and veg to local restaurants, Kireker then went on to study agriculture at college before starting a business which sold farming equipment that had been imported from Japan. The business went national and after finding success, Bennett decided to move on down to Pismo Beach, California to not only continue the business but also to enjoy life. These days you could find him in New York watching his beloved Mets, flying high with his hang glider or locked away in his room playing the latest VR game. Kireker has spent his life doing what he loves and he now lives a happy life in California.


Bennett told me about the amount of students that he meets who are hellbent on making a fortune or reaching a powerful position and the fact that they are willing to do anything to get it. Whilst this is of course noble, it will not necessarily breed happiness and if you are looking for real fulfillment in your life, you need to find out what it is that makes you happy and go after it, whether it will make you rich or not.

Reverse Engineer

One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever heard was to reverse engineer your life and decide how you want it to look like at the end, not right now. Doing this allows you to map out how to can go about getting that lifestyle that you want in your later years and you can hustle now whilst you have the time and the energy, so that those years can be like Bennett’s, spent doing whatever it is that he enjoys.

How to Find What Makes You Happy

In order to find out what actually makes you happy, you first need to cut out all of the noise that is around you and anyone who is telling you what you have to do or what you should do. The next step is to try many things, how can you know if something will make you happy or not until you ahem tried it? You may think that you would love nothing more than to be a journalist, write for a while and you amy find that it bores you after a while. Ensure that you take time for you and that you use it in a way that helps you to find what it is that truly makes you happy, not joyful but happy, once you find it, do that.

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