So, you have had three weeks of continuous business meetings and work. Now, you find out that you can no longer get the magic going in the sac. So, what do you do? Well this is the definitive guide for men getting back to the sac.

  1.  Take a lot of rest. Some times working so long just beats you up. You have to work and pull through the week again, so put your jacket on a hangar and go to sleep. This is necessary for keeping your mind off the stress and it is proven to be very good for health too. Let’s face it, no man is strong enough to go without sleep for long.
  2. It might not be your fault. Many middle-aged face problems like erectile dysfunction. With the release date of Viagra Connect getting closer it is no longer a shame to get yourself going with some outside help. Every man could use a hand sometimes and now, you get it over the counter too.
  3. Get yourself out there. Like, we get it, you need the performance. However, getting that confidence from the looks of the opposite sex is much more fun. So, pull yourself through and dazzle every girl in vicinity.
  4. Eat well. Three shots of Bloody Mary in the morning flight does not count as dinner. You need to get some food into yourself before you hit the sack. Food makes you strong and helps you focus, two things that are guaranteed pluses in the bed
  5. Take a walk. Exercise in necessary and running from one meeting hall to another is not exercise. So, get your track pants and get exercising. Remember, you can feel better when those ladies at the park swoon over your calf muscles.

So, get there and get going with these tips to get yourself back in the sack and working well again.

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