This year has been hard for all of us. Now that it’s time to send out holiday cards, which are often meant to sum up the year, you may be at a loss for what to do. How do you sum up a year like 2020? You make it funny! We could all use a laugh after the year we’ve had, so why not use your cards to poke fun at everything that’s happened. Here are a few ideas to make your own funny holiday cards.

If you’re single and struggling to decide if you even want to send out holiday cards, here are some funny ideas that will make you want to send your cards out yesterday. Celebrate 2020 and your lack of a relationship with pictures of you and a glass of wine. Honestly, we all need one after the year we’ve had anyway. You can also take a few pictures of yourself looking comically sad, or staring wistfully out a window. Or, let your loved ones know you’ve already found your true love- your favorite food. Have a few photos of you staring lovingly at your real bae, fast food, cookies, or ice cream.

Covid is another topic that would make a super funny holiday card. You can have the card read, “Finally this year is over,” or “We got through Covid!” Everyone is sure to have a laugh at that. You could also take pictures of you and your family doing the things you did throughout the pandemic. A photo of everyone sprawled on the cough, or pictures of everyone binge watching TV are both ideas that will definitely make your friends and family smile.

You can also take funny holiday photos with your pets. Try dressing them up in cute costumes, like reindeer, elves, or Santa. If your dog or cat does not like the costume, try feeding them treats to keep them still for a few photos. Some pets are pretty stubborn and will refuse to wear hats or ears. If this sounds like your cat or dog, make funny faces in the photos with them. Hold their ears so they are sticking up off their heads. Or put your pet in your lap while you do cross eyes or stick your tongue out. Your pets won’t know what’s going on, but they will enjoy spending time with you.

Once you’ve got your funny photos, head over to Basic Invite to find the right personalized photo christmas card for your family. All of their cards are customizable, so you’re sure to find just the right one. Have fun with your funny photos, and happy holidays!

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