In many sports the main coach relies on a team of coaches to lead teams to victory. Because of this it is really important to know how to communicate with the other coaches in the team. Unfortunately, communication is not as great as it should be in many cases. Even at really high professional levels there are problems that can appear. Ryan Grigson is a great example of this as he did admit there was a clear communication problem when he worked at the Colts.

Communication Characteristics In Sports

The really important thing is to be sure that communication that happens among the coaches is honest, completely open and as regular as it should be. This is something that might seem strange but there are different staffs in sports where we practically see absolutely zero communication. As this happens it is really difficult to end up creating what is necessary: a true winning culture.

All coaches can and are highly recommended to communicate many times per day. This can be done through email, text messages or in person. No matter the communication channel that is open, every single coach out there should make it a priority to have clear and open communication.

Coaching Meetings – The True Priority

While communicating face-to-face and one-on-one helps the main coach to develop a strategy and can bring in really important information that can be considered, we have to understand the reality that the big priority is always the coaching meeting. Here are some important questions you absolutely have to include in such meetings:

  • What are the player and staff celebrations in place?– This is a question you ask because you need to develop a system in which both the staff and the players celebrate victories and important accomplishments.
  • What do you think we do right?– You need to get the input of the coaches to know exactly what they think works really well at the moment. This can highlight what you need to keep in place as the main coach.
  • What can be improved?– There are always things that work well but that could be done better in coaching. For instance, a training routine might bring good results but it is possible that some changes would make everything even more effective.
  • Why do we train?– Contrary to popular belief, modern training is about so many different things you need to take into account. It is important that you never lose sight of the purpose and the mission you have during coaching.


To sum up, it is always important that you analyze how well communication is when you refer to your coaches. They are the backbone of your training team. You want to be sure that you communicate with them in a completely honest way and that you encourage clear communication. If the other coaches do not talk to you, it is impossible to lead the entire team to victory. We all need help and for a coach, most of the help is going to come from the other coaches.

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