One of the world’s oldest fiestas, Halloween is not just a festival but a global phenomenon. It originally started in Ireland but has now its impact all over the world. Many countries and ethnicities celebrate Halloween in different ways and for different purposes. Are you planning a trip during Halloween? You can use websites like TripHobo for planning your perfect trip. This article will help you understand how Halloween is celebrated across the world’s different regions.

1. Ireland: Where it all started

Ireland is considered as the birthplace of Halloween. Its roots stem back to the ancient Celtic and Pagan rituals and Samhuinn. Samhuinn is a festival similar to Halloween and used to take place thousands of years ago. Ireland along with Scotland celebrate Halloween in a unique way. They light bonfires and play games. Also, the traditional Irish fruit cake is prepared. This cake has coins, rings, and buttons that have relevance to fortune telling.

2. Mexico: DÍa De Los Muertos

Mexico and parts of Latin America celebrate the ‘Day of the Dead’ from November 1st to November 2nd. This festival is celebrated to honor those who have passed away. The Halloween holiday is celebrated with homemade altars full of fruits, turkey, soda, peanuts, stacks of tortillas, hot chocolate and a special type of holiday bread which is left as offerings to the weary ghosts. For the souls of kids, toys and candies are left out of the houses.

3. Japan: Kawasaki Halloween Parade

Since the last 21 years, 4000 costumed enthusiasts gather around in Kawasaki. The Kawasaki Halloween Parade is a way of celebrating Halloween in Japan. This parade is the biggest parade of its kind in the country. The parade follows strict guidelines and rules and you have to apply two months prior to the parade to join it. The dressed up people dance to the tunes of DJ Hollywood while roaming on the streets of Kawasaki. December along with the month of Kawasaki is the most pleasant time to visit Japan. You can also consider using an online trip planner to check out some other things to do in Japan.

4. United States of America: It’s all about partying

In the United States, people celebrate Halloween in a fun way. The adults usually celebrate it by dressing up as characters and throwing parties for friends and family. Some families also prepare lanterns from pumpkins or other vegetables. These lanterns are made as scary faces. The kids dress up in fancy costumes and visit other houses in the neighborhood for candy. So, it is advised to keep a bowl of sweets and presents at your home during Halloween.

5. China: Teng Chieh

In China, the Halloween festival is known as ‘Teng Chieh’. Food and water are placed in front of the photographs of the deceased. They also light bonfires and lanterns to guide the souls that descend on earth at Halloween. Devotees in the Buddhist temples make the boats of law from paper. These boats are then burned in the evening. The Chinese people mainly celebrate Halloween to honor the dead and free the spirits to make them ascend to heaven.

Halloween is surely an interesting time of the year. Happy holidays to you!

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