Men are, historically, not socialised and taught to take care of their appearance, at least in the majority. Spending too much time or money on your personal grooming is seen as weak or feminine (which is of course the worst thing a man could ever be, apparently), which means men who can’t see past this are doomed to a life of scruffy sportswear and uneven facial grooming.

It’s not just what we might think of as ‘jocks’ who have trouble with this. The traditionally geeky side of the male contingent, especially gamers, frequently come under fire for missing basic grooming standards, which can do little for their mood or mental health.

Today we’re presenting a short guide to help men look good, and ideally feel good too!


You don’t have to invest in a male manicure kit to have a routine that keeps you looking good. an electric toothbrush will keep your teeth clean and free from cavities as long as you are committed to using it and following a toothbrush up with a gargle with mouthwash means you’ll have fresh breath.

Anti-dandruff shampoo is frequently inexpensive, and following shampoo with some conditioner will see your hair gain a little lustre and also help to wash out stale scents. Hair can pick up odours remarkably effectively, and whether you’re smoking or merely a little sweaty after working out, a regular wash really does help.


Taking control over your own laundry is a good marker of independence, and something you should do as soon as possible. There’s no shame in asking for guidance, but you’ll get the mechanics of a regular wash, separating whites from colours and giving things sufficient drying time. Even if clothes smell right to you, if they’ve been worn a couple of times and sitting among other unwashed laundry the rest of the world will soon take notice!

Picking up a couple of comfortable shirts will be a good addition to your wardrobe for when you need to look formal. There’s no shame in conforming with a dress code every so often, for big parties or for work. Don’t mistake the initial unfamiliarity of how a collared shirt sits on you for discomfort: you’ll likely get used to it soon enough and find it’s not such a huge imposition.

Just taking these few simple steps can help you both look and feel a lot better. Making a little effort on behalf of others often helps you more than you realise it will so it’s more than worth your time.

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