Are you a new graduate who is now ready to break into the workforce and you want to be sure you do so in a professional manner? If that’s the case then you need to build a professional looking wardrobe before you even head to your first job interview. Not to worry, a professional wardrobe doesn’t have to consists of dozens of pieces and cost a small fortune. Here are some tips you can use in order to build a wardrobe that will have employers taking you seriously.

Consider the Working Environment

Building a professional wardrobe before you get a job or even go on interviews can be a bit tricky, but it will at least have you looking prepared when you get called in for that first interview. It’s a good idea to give some thought to the work environment. What is considered typical office wear? Some careers will give you the opportunity to dress more casually, whereas others will have you dressing in a full suit each and every day.

Take, for example, the online master in liberal studies through Rutgers Online. Typically, the online master in liberal studies degree will prepare you for a career in public administration, as a writer or author, a public relations manager, or even a secondary school teacher. In general, these tend to be more business-casual type of workwear versus the full suit that you would find in financial districts. If you’re unsure of what the culture is like in your chosen career, it wouldn’t hurt to network and ask questions.

Think Mix and Match

No matter how dressy or casual your chosen career path is, you will want to think in terms of mix and match. This is actually a rule you can use anytime you are building your wardrobe. The idea isn’t to pick out stand alone outfits. Instead, it’s about building a wardrobe of basics that you can then add to with pops of interest and style.

Make sure when shopping for pants, shirts, and jackets, you stick to basic neutral colors. These include black, white, navy, tan, and gray. By sticking to neutral colors, you will find it very easy and natural to mix and match them. Where you can bring in your personality is with the accessories such as a colorful tie, cool cufflinks, statement making suspenders, and unique looking shoes.

The starter wardrobe is a fabulous place to start. It should consist of three shirts, two suits, and three ties. By mixing and matching these eight items can be transformed into 18 different outfits. That’s almost three weeks of work-wear without having to repeat an outfit.

Stick with Quality

When putting together this starter wardrobe of basics it’s also wise to stick with quality. Because these will be the staples that you wear each and every day, they are worth investing in.

Ready for Success

Now that you’ve managed to put together a professional looking wardrobe that will stand up to everyday wear, you’re ready to get out there and find that perfect job.

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