In a saturated market of HOA’s like that in San Clemente, it is believed that you have to beat your competitors in at least three important aspects to win their business from them. Price alone will not cut this, as what use is playing a small price if you are going to get a bad service and be unhappy in your home. There needs to be more on offer than price, value for money however is different. Everyone wants to get the same product or service for cheaper! So, what do a company like Ammcor do to stand out!

Another way to beat the rest is offer something extra, something that they don’t offer, a pool, a table tennis court or a woodland walkway. Anything that can be a selling point. Make it simpler keep the rules to a minimum where possible.  Make your communal areas safer than the others. Make your communal areas more efficient, people are really beginning to wake up to what we are doing to our planet and this could be a very beneficial unique selling point for your business.

Offer something quirky for people who may like that kind of thing, be retro where possible without spoiling the general ambience of the area. You could also do the opposite and be more modern, be open plan have open stairways in your properties and so on. You could apply this to many concepts such as be more stylish or be more colourful.

A celebrity endorsement is a massive selling point in the current age. See if you can get a celebrity to come and open your new housing association homes and this will be fantastic publicity. Produce statistics, prove that your housing is the quietest, has the least trouble, is the greenest or environmentally friendly and let this be known on your social media and hopefully followed up by positive Ammcor reviews. Show that you use local builders and locally sourced materials, therefore highlighting that you care about your community and the wellbeing of its inhabitants.

Be the best at customer service it is remarkable how much this means to a customer, their loyalty and spreading the word about your HOA. Make sure that your website is efficient and up to date and includes reviews and ratings of a positive nature, there is no better advertising today. Give away freebies at open days that will promote your company keyrings, pens and stress balls are great examples of this.

Emphasise that you believe in equality have female janitors or handy women and do not discriminate by age. Wear a uniform spread the word of your business, go around and be friendly wearing your uniform this will help people remember you and your company. Offer extra free deals with your properties, even if the cost has been factored in, people love to think they are getting something free. Offer a wider choice of kitchen cabinets or garage doors, these things can be important to people.

Be charitable get your name known in the community for how you give back and take care of those in need.

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