YouTube is a popular website where people create channels that others can subscribe to. Videos are posted daily. After a certain number of subscribers, the owner starts to make money. YouTubers also make money from advertisements embedded in their videos. From makeup tips to cooking lessons, almost every subject known to man has a number of videos dedicated to it. For many people, it has become the go to site when seeking information. As there are so many channels to choose from, it is imperative that everyone wishes to become a good YouTuber with effective strategies. Here are several tips on how to be an influential YouTuber.

Create a channel

The first thing to do is to create a successful channel. It is important to create a recognizable channel name as a badly named channel will not attract enough attention. Your name must be well thought out and reflect whatever content you are uploading. This way, almost every search by users will bring traffic to your channel.

The next step after crafting a good name is to promote yourself and your brand. There is a space around your channel that YouTube provides that can be used to create an attractive layout. You should use this to your advantage.

A number of successful users use texts and images to show subscribers and followers their brands. Another effective way to create a successful brand, is to link your channel to your other social media platforms, such as;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Categorize your videos appropriately

After correctly naming and branding your channel, the next most important thing is to name and categorize your videos appropriately. It helps to give a descriptive title that conveys accurately what the videos are about. Your tags should also be as succinct as possible. It’s also important to use relatable words that would readily come to the mind of a potential user.

Produce high quality videos

After ensuring that you categorize your videos correctly, you must endeavor to produce videos of the highest quality. It is pointless to create an attractive layout and categorize correctly, if you are posting poor quality content. You should ideally aim to shoot at least one video per week. However, try not to exceed three, to ensure that your work is of the highest quality.

If you are shooting videos yourself, you should sit in front of a white light. While it is helpful to invest in a high-quality camera, it is also possible to shoot videos from your laptop. The webcam is a good starter camera for Youtube. You can use your built in microphone for audio.

Take the time to edit

After shooting, you need to edit properly. It is not advisable to spend large sums on editing your work at the beginning. There are lots of easily accessible free or low priced movie editing software available online. When you start to get a lot of views, you can go ahead and make an investment in more sophisticated equipment.

If you need music or sound effects, you can check the editor on the side bar of your channel’s video manager. There is an audio library for music and sound effects. One way to avoid copyright problems, when using other people’s music, is to play a remix or even an instrumental of the song.

Creativity is key

To be successful on YouTube, you need to be innovative. There is nothing to be gained from being repetitive. You should schedule brain storming sessions where you sit with a notebook a couple of times a week. This will help you create exciting content. This way, you are less likely to copy other people.

Repetition is one of the biggest turn offs. This will also keep your juices flowing so that you can post new material on a weekly basis. Consistently up loading videos is one key way to ensure a following.

As many of the most successful YouTubers will tell you, consistency is key so much so that for about 10,000 people posting videos is a full time job. Although it can seem like a tiring tedious process, it is worth the effort in the end. One easy way to increase your subscribers is to offer them gifts for subscribing.

Engage with the YouTube community

In addition to the foregoing, engaging actively with the YouTube community is vital. You should support the work of others. There are several ways to do this including:

  • subscribing to channels
  • liking videos
  • making respectful insightful comments.

I strongly believe that incorporating the above suggestions, will facilitate the success of any one looking to become a YouTuber.

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