We all now live in a world that is massively dominated by online activity, whether it be when you check your social media account or when you are doing your online shopping.  Having access to the internet so freely definitely makes your life a lot easier but it can also provide dangers that we aren’t particularly used to.  In the light of recent data breaches by countless online companies it is so important to protect yourself.  You need to be extremely careful and like Richard Blech (CEO of Secure Channels) you need to be able to read current trends to avoid online dangers.


Everyone is guaranteed to receive some form of phishing online, anyone that has an email account will have come across it.  An example of phishing is an email that will direct you to click on some form of attachment that will at first seem desirable.  Usually it will be an email that looks like it is an official email from a company, I.e. click here to view your latest bank statement.  When you click on the attachment presented to you, your personal data becomes extremely vulnerable.

Online Scamming

Like Phishing, online scamming is a very popular way for online criminals to gain access to your personal information.  An example of online scamming is an email that will usually promise you a great reward for some form of information (credit card details).  A famous example of this is an email stating that you have won some form of online lottery and you must send your card details to receive the jackpot.  The best way to rule out any form of online scamming is thinking if it is too good to be true, because it usually is.

Downloading Harmful Programs

We download things on the internet on a daily basis, however downloading the wrong type of program can not only harm your computer but can also give your data to online fraudsters.  These downloads can usually be disguised as something else or even something you think that can benefit your computers performance.  If you are downloading from the internet you need to make sure you are vigilant and only download programs you are sure of.


Like all of the above, popups are something that we have all become accustomed to online.  Popups are a typical way that online fraudsters can access your information.  If you click a popup you can give these fraudsters instant access which can lead to losing your personal data in the long run.

Being Wary

We all want to enjoy the internet and use it to our advantage but it is so important to be wary.  Using the internet can be safe for everyone but you need to know the alarm bells when it comes to protecting your data.  Hopefully I have given you some signs to stay away from and you can protect yourself even more so going forward.

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